Aalto University granted €10.8 million for profiling by Academy of Finland

The funding supports the University in strengthening the research fields chosen.

The Academy of Finland has granted Aalto University €10.8 million for strengthening its research profile for the next four years. This form of funding supports universities in strengthening the research fields they have chosen.

Aalto University applied for funding focused on developing research activities that support the growth of the Aalto innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial activities. The main themes having the highest potential to boost future economic growth in Finland were identified as digital technology ecosystems, sustainable production and consumption, and a narrower but highly timely marine and arctic technology. The measures to strengthen theses themes, for which the funding was granted, are fixed-term professor-level recruitments, development of strategic partnerships with leading international universities, setting up two new multidisciplinary research platforms, and development of research-based innovation ecosystem through postdocs and doctoral students collaborating with companies.

'This is great news, that we are recognised for the strategic development of our operation', says Vice President of Aalto University Tuija Pulkkinen.

The Academy of Finland granted a total of €50 million in funding. The Academy made the funding decisions on the basis of assessments by the international panels. Funding for profiling was now granted for the third time. In the first round in May 2015, Aalto University was granted €13 million and in the second round in March 2016 12€ million for strengthening profiling.

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