Aalto University accepts 1033 applicants for master's studies

The application period for Aalto University’s master’s programmes ended on 25 January and the admission results have been published on 5 April 2017.

A total of 2781 people applied for master's degree studies in the fields of art and design, business and economics, and science and technology. Of these, 1033 new students were selected. The number of applicants declined by approximately 17 % from the previous year.

Of the applicants, 50.7 % had a Finnish higher education degree. As previously, the greatest numbers of applicants with foreign degrees were from China, India, Pakistan, Great Britain, and the United States. Applications were received from altogether 87 different countries.

Tuition in degree programmes taught in English from August 2017 onwards is subjected to annual fees for non-EU/EEA citizens. 37.4 % of the accepted students are citizens of other than EU or EEA countries.

Number of applicants

Applicants for master's programmes








Business and economics






1 311


Art and design



1 144


1 141

1 043


Science and technology (incl. architecture)



1 886

1 858

1 807

1 669

1 687



3 355

3 577

3 089

3 440

4 023

3 550

In the field of business and economics, the number of applicants decreased by appx. 13 %. The majority of applicants applied on the basis of a Finnish higher education degree. 23.6 % of the applicants applied on the basis of a higher education degree completed outside of Finland. The most popular study options were Yritysjuridiikka (Business law, available only in Finnish), Information and Service Management, and Management and International Business.

In the field of art and design, the number of applicants declined by 12.3 %. 42.7 % of the applicants applied on the basis of a Finnish higher education degree. Most of the applicants applied with a foreign degree and the top countries were China, Great Britain, and the United States. The most popular study options were Product and Spatial Design and Collaborative and Industrial Design.

In the field of science and technology, the number of applicants declined by appx. 21 %. As was the case in previous years, the greatest number of applicants came from Finnish higher education institutions, as well as from Pakistan, India, and China. 56.4 % of applicants applied with a foreign degree. The most popular study options were the majors Computer Science and Machine Learning and Data Mining in the Master’s Programme in  Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, as well as Architecture and Mechanical Engineering.

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