Aalto is the best-known university among young people

Finns under the age of 30 find Aalto’s degrees valued by employers.
Opiskelijoita istumassa ryhmätyötilassa.

Aalto University's image among young Finns has remained excellent according to a higher education institution image survey by Taloustutkimus. Aalto University is the best-known university in Finland among young Finns under the age of 30, with almost 70% of the respondents knowing of Aalto.

The total image score young people gave Aalto was 8.38 (graded from 4 to 10), which placed Aalto second among all universities.

The image survey included claims that the survey respondents used to evaluate universities. Aalto University ranked first in the following four claims: Aalto's good reputation as a place of study, its degrees are valued in the labour market, the university has received positive visibility in the media, and it has a good social media presence. Aalto came second in the claim ‘provides good opportunities for international engagement’.

The survey was conducted by the market research company Taloustutkimus in February–March 2020 and completed by 3 000 Finns under the age of 30.

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