Aalto community showcased its competence

The university celebrated five years of operations by presenting accomplishments in technology, business and art.

Over one thousand members of the Aalto community were gathered in Dipoli in late February to get to know the results of each other's hard work. Actions took the main stage in the celebration of the university:  robots, fashion, a satellite, solar energy and a miniature ice pool were presented among others. Visitors got to test how prejudices influence the decisions we make, watch short films and enjoy an arcade put together by game researchers. Students and researchers presented their exciting projects and displayed new applications and devices.

President Tuula Teeri opened the event and thanked the members of the Aalto community for their contribution and impressive results.

President Tuula Teeri encouraged the audience in her opening speech to praise themselves and "give a high five" to the person next to them.

Outcomes of the first-year-students' electronics workshop were presented in Demoland.

The afternoon also included discussions on work as a researcher. Internationally renowned professors spoke about their careers and, among other things, illuminated their working methods and writing process to the audience. Professor Eero Vaara of Aalto School of Business highlighted the importance of international networking.

Vice President Antti Ahlava lead a panel discussion on the future of the Otaniemi campus as a new kind of environment for research, learning, innovating and living.  According to Professor Trevor Harris, some sort of "glue" is needed alongside and between the currently standing buildings in Otaniemi to improve interaction between the buildings and their users.  The panellist considered that an innovation blueprint including a good mixture of planning and spontaneous actions could be used to develop Otaniemi. Aalto University has access to the best resources in Finland for trying new ideas and carrying out activities together.

Vice President Antti Ahlava (on the left in the photo) chaired the campus panel, which contemplated on Otaniemi's future. The other participants in the panel were Aalto University Professor Trevor Harris, Cultural Director of the City of Espoo Susanna Tommila and Aalto University Real Estate Director Antti Tuomela.


Aalto students have produced a multitude of ideas for developing and invigorating the Otaniemi area. Antti Ahlava showed an illustration, an exercise task, by students Matias Kotilainen, Heidi Seesto and Eerik Sillanpää.

Photos (excl. illustration): Aalto University/Aino Huovio, Mikko Raskinen

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