A new service promoting wellbeing and work ability available for Aalto's personnel

Wellbeing Desk provides low-threshold wellbeing services for the personnel at Aalto University.
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Do you have concerns to share with occupational safety representatives, shop stewards or harassment contact persons? Do you have questions regarding competence development? Would you wish to have help in supporting individual students or group of students in teaching or mentoring situations? Are you concerned about workplace ergonomics or anything else related to wellbeing and ability to work?

An easy way to get started promoting these things is to pop by Aalto's wellbeing experts at Wellbeing Desk, which is open to all Aalto personnel. Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service desk for advice and service guidance, no appointment needed.

You can find the Desk and services at Otakaari 1, Room Y 163, and on the website at

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Wellbeing Desk for Aalto personnel

Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service point for Aalto's entire personnel, where you can get advice and service guidance in matters related to wellbeing at work and work ability.

Keys to Your Wellbeing

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

On these page you will find information and interesting references to improve wellbeing at Aalto University!

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