5G test network development continues in Otaniemi

The 5G test network will soon be 6G, and new technologies are developed for both wireless and fixed networking.
Photo: Safa Hovinen

The Academy of Finland has granted further funding for the Research Infrastructure for Future Wireless Communication Networks project. The project is coordinated by the University of Oulu and includes researchers from both VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University.

‘The project involves close cooperation between universities and business life. The research and test network environment studies, develops and tests hardware solutions, algorithms, software and applications related to the new 5G/6G wireless networks. In Otaniemi, we offer an extensive measurement environment especially for the research and design of private mobile networks for industrial and smart grid devices’, says Staff Scientist Jose Costa-Requena.

Otaniemi has experience of long-term development work, and most recently one of the largest non-commercial 5G networks in Europe, making it possible for researchers, students and companies to develop devices and applications for both consumers and industrial users in a genuine 5G environment. The network also covers the outdoor and street areas of the Otaniemi campus.

‘The test use will also continue in this cooperation project, and the aim is to continue close cooperation between companies, different research projects and students. We will soon open a website that has already been in use, which will allow companies to request test use of the network and suggest ideas for cooperation’, continues Costa-Requena.

Aalto University conducts multidisciplinary 5G research, ranging from network technology and signal processing all the way to applications utilising 5G, such as autonomous transportation and industrial systems.

‘Networking never ends. Currently, we are already looking for new frequencies for 6G and installing the necessary equipment to put Otaniemi at the forefront of 5/6G research’.

Further information:

Jose Costa-Requena
Staff Scientist
Aalto University Department of Communications and Networking
[email protected]
+358 50 577 0142

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