The 20x4Twist exhibition and research project explores the relationship between flexible plywood material, architectural geometry, structural behavior, and aesthetics.
The 20x4Twist exhibition

The innovation of this project and exhibition lies in the self-equilibrium shape* of the twisted structural elements and the exploration of its potential to reduce material consumption and proposed kit-of-parts design, which involves using the same components in different configurations, allows to create of adaptable and reconfigurable architectural spaces.

Join us for the exhibition at Väre main lobby from 30 Jan-10 Feb and experience the periodically changing configurations of 20x4Twist.

Project Team

Serenay Elmas, Ph.D. Researcher in Structures and Architecture
Günther H. Filz, Professor of Structures and Architecture
Athanasios Markou, Ph.D. University Teacher of Structural Engineering

Supported by
A”SA students: Benjamin Marre, Faezeh Sadeghi, Liza Verdonk, Riccardo Vigano

Department of Civil Engineering
Lab engineer Jukka Piironen 
Lab technicians: Pertti Alho and Matti Ristimäki
Colleagues: Gengmu Ruan, Vincent Kuo and Joonas Jaaranen

Curator: Edel O’ Reilly

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