10 + 1 tricky questions for future-proof teaching

The inaugural Studio Week was held from the 14th until the 18th of January 2019 in Otaniemi. At the heart of the event was to challenge teachers and other practitioners at Aalto to develop their teaching to the next level with a future-looking and working life oriented mindset. We collected 10+1 excellent but challenging questions from various sessions and workshops during the week in order to broaden our view when educating the real Game Changers.
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10 + 1 tricky questions for future-proof teaching / photo: Teaching Lab

10+1 excellent but challenging questions for educators

  1. What kind of a picture we are painting about the future and about the world for students?
  2. What means having a sustainable and ethical working life?
  3. Are there still going be long-term contracts in the future, or will we all be more or less transformed into entrepreneurs?
  4. What types of managers are we training?
  5. What kinds of skills do we need in the future in order to maintain and create jobs which cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence?
  6. How do we actually teach, practice, and evaluate soft skills (or general skills) and help students to evaluate their own skills during a course?
  7. How can we teach problem definition and not only problem-solving?  
  8. How do we help students in engaging effectively in lifelong learning?
  9. How can we make education an experience AND how can we teach students how to create experiences?
  10. When teaching, why to play it safe since we are a learning community?

+ 1 Shared wicked global problems, as well as complexly changing work, requires a multidisciplinary approach; how do we develop and enable multidisciplinary education and wider portfolios?

And the last question is especially for you: What concrete steps are you willing to take to bring your teaching to the next level? Start small, think big, and use your heart.

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