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Aalto University offers study rights without fees and with scholarships to Ukraine’s university students - applications are now closed.

From this page you will find instructions and further information on how to apply for a scholarship and non-degree study right without fees from Aalto as Ukraine's university student whose studies have been interrupted by the war.

Who can apply

The study right may be granted to students who have a valid right to study towards a degree at a Ukrainian university, and who either have Ukrainian citizenship or have been granted asylum by Ukraine, and whose studies have been interrupted by the war.

How to apply

Application period

Wednesday 16 March – 5 April 2022 (15.00, finnish time: GMT +3:00). Applications have now closed.

If the number of qualified applicants is insufficient at the end of the application period, the next application period may be held in May for studies beginning in autumn 2022.

Requested documents

  1. Copy of degree certificate and/or transcript of records (or any other relevant study documents) OR a free format description of studies (the applicant can write this themselves, for example)
  2. A copy, a photo or a screenshot of the applicant’s passport
  3. A preliminary study plan: applicants can view the selection of studies offered by Aalto University at:
  4. Other documents, for example a language test certificate

Link to on-line application form

Applications have now closed.

Admission criteria and process

The study right is granted based on:

  • the application,
  • the student’s preliminary study plan,
  • the content of the previous studies,
  • the amount of studies previously completed,
  • English language skills,
  • and/or a possible interview

The student needs a sufficient level of proficiency in English for their studies at Aalto.

Academic performance may also be taken into account for scholarships.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of study places offered, admissions will draw lots as a selection procedure.

Applicants are notified of their admission as soon as possible after the application period has closed.

Start of studies

The study right begins after the applicant’s student status has been approved. The study right will end no later than 31 July 2023.

What can be studied

The non-degree study right entitles the student to complete individual courses (or study modules, e.g. minors), not a degree.

Students may apply to Aalto University for bachelor’s or master’s degree studies as part of the normal admissions procedure.

The study right concerns mainly studies provided in English by the schools of Aalto University.

The studies are mainly at the master’s level, but courses are offered also at the bachelor’s level.

There may be prerequisites and limits on the number of participants for the studies.

Study rights with scholarships

Twenty (20) students are offered a non-degree study right with a scholarship of 800 euros per month for living expenses. In addition, the student receiving the scholarship will receive a moving grant of 400 euros at the start of studies.

A condition for the monthly payment of the scholarship is that the student studies at Aalto University. The scholarship will begin at the start of the month in which the student begins studies, in May at the earliest. Studies will be reviewed at regular intervals.

The scholarship payments for living expenses may be received up to, but no later than, 31 July 2023.

Scholarship criteria

Scholarship awards may be based on the student’s academic performance, amount of completed studies, relevance of the student’s previously completed studies and the student’s English language proficiency. If no other fair assessment between applicants is possible, the scholarship recipients will be decided by lot.

Further information

For further questions and information, please contact: [email protected]

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