My story

My story

The world is full of opportunities - and professions. These professions can be completed at Aalto University. But how can you dream about something, if you don't even know of its existence?

In the My story series former and current Aalto people tell how they have found their own story with the help of Aalto University. Follow the stories with a hashtag #MyStory on Aalto University's Instagram (@aaltouniversity) and Facebook. Please use the same hashtag when sharing your own story.
Photos and texts: Vapa Media

Mun juttu Pinja Koskelin
Mun juttu Pinja Koskelin

Pinja Koskelin, studying for her master’s in interior architecture

‘A person with a Master of Arts degree can tailor the future in their own way.'

My story Antti Merilehto

Antti Merilehto, MSc (Econ.) and AI coach

'The ability to learn is important, but know-how expires fast. Understanding human nature is always in fashion.'

My Story Ellen Heikkilä

Ellen Heikkilä, student of architecture

“Design and planning are human-centric, which inspires me."

My Story Leevi Kähkönen

Leevi Kähkönen, 24, master’s student in engineering physics

‘Uncertainty is a plus, it means there are plenty of options. I have become courageous and curious.'

My story Matilde Pelkonen

Matilde Pelkonen, MSc (Econ.) and future Educational Psychologist

‘I want to keep learning and looking for purpose in what I do.'

My story Lauri Hälinen

Lauri Hälinen, 31, startup entrepreneur

‘I don’t think I could have gotten a better education for my current job and running a business from anywhere else.'

My Story Iida Jääskeläinen

Iida Jääskeläinen, art teacher

‘My current job feels very meaningful to me. Right now it is what I want to devote my time to.'

My Story Eelis Hemberg

Eelis Hemberg, 24, studying for his master’s degree in water and environmental engineering

‘I might not be your typical engineer. For instance, I am not exceptionally talented in mathematics. I am simply very interested in water engineering.'

My Story Kristiina Hansen-Haug

Kristiina Hansen-Haug, textile designer

‘Aalto’s strength is cooperation with companies and the most desired employers.'

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