Pinja Koskelin, studying for her master’s in interior architecture

‘A person with a Master of Arts degree can tailor the future in their own way.'
Mun juttu Pinja Koskelin

‘I chose interior architecture as my field of study because of the opportunities offered by design and architecture. I’m inspired by the different ways in which people perceive their environment.
In bachelor’s studies, the main subject courses consist of spatial design, furniture design and art courses.

I was surprised that we make furniture prototypes in actual size from start to finish, all the way from design to final product. This is a speciality of Aalto, which also raises interest internationally. When you do everything yourself, you become familiar with the materials and their properties.

I’m particularly proud of one press mould, which combines convex and concave forms to create dune-like curves. It plays with light and shadow.

During the studies, students in my year have become a tight-knit group. If someone is having trouble getting started, we spur him or her on. It’s been great to see how you learn to work with other people and notice their strengths during your studies.

As an Aalto student, you get to take part in exciting projects. We’ve participated as a team in the Habitare fair and the Lux Helsinki light festival and designed a piece of light art for Flow Festival. I’ve also travelled abroad for workshops. For people working in the field, Aalto has a positive ring to it and is associated with good quality.

I’m following my own path in the field of design. Studies at Aalto are aimed at harnessing the students’ potential, so that each designer can build his or her own designer identity.

The ideal future situation for me would be self-employment as a freelancer. As a Master of Arts (Art and Design), I can shape my future to be what I want it to be.'

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