Software and Service Engineering (minor)




20–25 ECTS


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Global business dynamics
ICT and digitalisation

Target group:

All Aalto students

Teacher in charge:

Casper Lassenius

Administrative contact:

Anu Kuusela

Organising department:

Department of Computer Science


School of Science


Bachelor-level minor in Computer Science or equivalent knowledge. Please check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up.

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Application process:


You can find course descriptions in Sisu. In your study plan, choose the course and click the course code or search courses by code or name. Learning environments are found in MyCourses through search or after registration in "My own courses".

The minor in Software and Service Engineering provides students with a flexible way of augmenting their major with the basics of software and service engineering. Due to the small number of compulsory courses, students are free to select a set of courses to support their specific interests.

Students select one of the compulsory courses, and additional courses from the recommended elective courses list. Students should check the prerequisites of the courses before signing up.

Code Course name ECTS Period

Choose one of two compulsory courses 5 ECTS

CS-C3150 Software Engineering 5  
CS-E4900 User-Centered Methods for Product and Service Design 5  

Elective courses 15–20 ECTS

CS-C3180 Software Design and Modelling 5  
CS-E4930 Software Processes and Projects  5  
CS-E4940 Requirements Engineering  5  
CS-E4950 Software Architectures  5  
CS-E4960 Software Testing and Quality Assurance  5  
CS-E5230 Collaborative Evaluation of Interactive Systems  5  
CS-E5220 User Interface Construction  5  

Previous curricula

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