Analytics and Data Science (minor)




20–25 ECTS


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Language of learning:



Global business dynamics
ICT and digitalisation

Target group:

All Aalto students

Teacher in charge:

Harri Lähdesmäki (SCI)
Pekka Malo (BIZ)

Administrative contact:

Anu Kuusela

Organising department:



School of Science


No prerequisites for the minor as a whole, but some courses may have their own prerequisites. The prerequisites can be checked in the course descriptions; if in doubt, please consult the teacher of the course.

Quotas and restrictions:

No quotas for the minor; courses may have space for only a limited number of students. If you are not admitted to a course, you will have to choose another course.

Application process:

All Aalto master level students can choose this minor. However, some courses have limited number of seats and students are selected according to the order of priority confirmed in the course description. You should pay attention to the course-specific prerequisites and make sure you meet them in order to succeed in the courses.

You can find course descriptions in Sisu. In your study plan, choose the course and click the course code or search courses by code or name. Learning environments are found in MyCourses through search or after registration in "My own courses".

Code Course name ECTS  Period

Choose at least one (1) course from the Statistical Foundations subarea

CS-E5710 Bayesian Data Analysis D 5  
MS-C1620 Statistical Inference 5  
MS-C2128 Prediction and Time Series Analysis 5  
MS-E2112 Multivariate Statistical Analysis D 5  

Choose at least one (1) course from the Computational Methods subarea

CS-E4715 Supervised Machine Learning 5  
CS-E4650 Methods of Data Mining D 5  
CS-E4840 Information Visualization D 5  
CS-E4190 Cloud Software and Systems D 5  
CS-E4580 Programming Parallel Computers D 5  
CS-E4800 Artificial Intelligence D 5  
ELEC-E5431 Large Scale Data Analysis D 5  

Choose at least one (1) course from Business Analytics and Applications

BA subarea
MS-E2135 Decision Analysis D 5  
MARK-E0047 Digital Marketing 6  
30E03000 Data Science for Business I D 6  
ISM-C2002 MySQL for Data Analytics 6  
57E00500 Capstone: Business Intelligence 6  
31E40100 History of Economic Growth and Crises D 6  
AP subarea
CS-E5740 Complex Networks D 5  
MS-E2177 Seminar on Case Studies in Operations Research (V) D (in Finnish only) 5  
ELEC-E5510 Speech Recognition D 5  
ELEC-E5550 Statistical Natural Language Processing D 5  
30E03500 Data Science for Business II D 6  
ELEC-E5410 Signal Processing for Communication 5  
ELEC-E5440 Statistical Signal Processing D 5  
AP/BA subarea
31E00910 Applied Microeconometrics I D 6  
ECON-E0710 Labor Economics I 6  
31E16000 Development Economics II 6  

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