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Equality, diversity and inclusion in School of Science

How are equality issues managed at the School of Science?
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Equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School of Science

Equality work is coordinated by the School's equality, diveristy and inclusion group (EDI group). The EDI group operates in cooperation with the dean, the school’s HR and teaching administration, communications, and other key players. The EDI group monitors the equality situation and the progress of work related to values. In emerging problem situations the group members confidentially help in further processes and, when necessary, guide people to those seeking solutions. The goal is to prevent possible problems in advance, and to intervene quickly when problems emerge. The group also listens to people’s wishes and proposals for development.

A concrete implementation plan has been drafted for the school based on Aalto University's equality, diversity and inclusion plan 2022-2024. The school level action plan is evaluated and expanded each year.

Goals of our equality work

Our shared goal is to have a good atmosphere for study and work at the university. Aalto University wants to offer a working environment in which employees and students of different genders, tasks and backgrounds are treated equally. The obligation to promote equality and equal treatment applies to all members of the university community. 

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