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Vastuullisuus ja liiketoiminta

The program covers the core topics of sustainability and responsible business such as digitalization, the dimensions of social sustainability, sustainability reporting, supply chains, and communications and marketing. The program pinpoints the dynamics between the different topics and their effects on an organization’s sustainability strategy, forming a holistic understanding of the dynamics in sustainability and responsible business.


Teaching time:




Form of learning:

On-campus Online


Aalto EE




€ 9,500 (+VAT)

Application period:

7.6.2023 – 13.2.2024

Target group and prerequisites

The program is for professionals in charge of or developing responsibility matters, e.g., quality officials, safety officials, environment, safety, and health specialists, responsibility and sustainability managers, communication specialists, marketing specialists, HR specialists, and consultants.

Course description

Organizations and businesses play a crucial role in fighting climate change and global economic and social inequality. Sustainability and responsible business are no longer only a competitive advantage to win customers, they are essential to organizations and businesses. Corporate responsibility and sustainability is a complex field defined by lots of different stakeholders and factors. The decision-making processes are seldom black and white, but rather complex networks of causes and actors. Taking the first steps into improving responsible business and corporate sustainability is often challenging, and defining reachable goals seems complex.

In the Vastuullisuus ja liiketoiminta (Responsibility and Business) program, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to form an understanding of the vast field of sustainable business. You will learn to define the factors and stakeholders affecting your organization´s sustainability and how to manage these. During the program, you will learn tools and insights that will help you place your organization on the responsible business map.

The main objective is to form a common understanding of the complex field of sustainable and responsible business and learn what responsible and sustainable business means for your own and other organizations. During the program, you will inspect sustainable and responsible businesses from different perspectives. The study modules focus on operational environments and stakeholders, digital sustainability and ethics, social sustainability, sustainability reporting and monitoring, sustainable supply chains, and responsible communications and marketing.

You will be able to reflect on the program contents and their relation to your organization while working on the project work. The project work can, for example, consist of a sustainability-themed development project from your organization in which you will work on utilizing the tools and knowledge from every module of the program. You will have a tutor who is a specialist in the field of the theme of your project.

After completing the program, you will have a clear understanding of what sustainability and responsible business means for your organization. You can lead sustainability and know how to make decisions that drive your organization´s sustainability and responsibility forward. You are able to define factors and stakeholders that are crucial from your organization's sustainability perspective.

The program consists of 11 contact days, pre- and post-assignments, an introductory online course, and project work.

We recommend budgeting 83 hours for contact learning. Self-paced learning will take approximately 6 hours for the online course, 45 hours for the pre- and post-assignments, and 85 hours for the project work.

The program is held in Finnish.

The teaching takes place at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki and online.

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