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The program will give you a strong impetus to succeed in the demanding tasks of transport system development. You will learn how traffic and mobility planning is linked to improving land use, housing, service production, and business in general. You will also become acquainted with the latest research, and network not only with your student colleagues but also with leading experts in the field.


Teaching time:

Daytime Self-paced


Built environment

Form of learning:



Aalto EE




€ 4,150 (+ VAT)

Application period:

28.12.2022 – 3.11.2023

Target group and prerequisites

For experts in transport system work and land use planning in ELY centers, regional organizations, municipalities and cities, and ministries and agencies. For consultants, service providers, and decision makers in municipalities and cities.

Course description

Climate change, digitalization, and urbanization are megatrends that raise important questions. How can the carbon footprint be reduced? How will digitalization change our mobility choices, and how can we tackle the challenges of urbanization as the population grows in one place and decreases in another? 

The Liikennejärjestelmätyö program approaches the key issues of our time through six thematic modules, an optional European study tour, and assignments. The underlying principle of the program is to give you an understanding of how closely mobility planning is connected to land use planning. 

At the beginning of the program, you will become familiar with the purpose and objective of work with transport systems and the current legal framework. You then move on to consider the users of the services, customers, residents, and citizens, and those involved in the planning. From here, it is natural to move on to look at how the mobility of people and the logistics of goods have become service-oriented and digital. At the end of the program, you will learn how to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of plans. Following the actual program, you will have an opportunity to become acquainted with how European colleagues solve similar challenges on a study tour. 

The training program has been organized for more than a dozen years in cooperation between Aalto EE and a steering group representing the ministries, municipalities, and agencies linked to the program. To date, it has been taken by about 200 experts from all over the country. 

Through the program, you will not only get to know colleagues from all over Finland, but also the country's leading experts from Aalto University and other organizations. The program, which consists of six two-day sessions, will be held at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki. 

The program is held in Finnish.

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