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Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt

You will learn the systematic process development method (DMAIC: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) and achieve measurable results in improving your organization's processes. The program consists of contact learning sessions, data analysis exercises, a final exam, and a development project for your organization. Based on your approved performance, you will receive a Green Belt certificate. The content of the program meets the competence objectives of the American Society of Quality (ASQ).


Teaching time:



Operations and supply chain management

Form of learning:



Aalto EE




€ 4,100 (+VAT)

Application period:

23.12.2022 – 25.8.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The training is suitable for team leaders and for anyone who wants to learn to improve processes using systematic methods in, for example, manufacturing industry, services, healthcare, or the public sector. No pre-requirements in Lean Six Sigma.

Course description

Lean Six Sigma is a quality management method that aims at improving processes systematically and reaching measurable results.

During this Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt program, you will review the systematic development method, DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control). DMAIC aims to find the root causes of problems by measuring facts. Finding root causes and corrective measures will bring about lasting improvements and achieve monetary or non-monetary savings. The method is generic and suitable for business or operational processes. A Green Belt project typically aims at savings of EUR 20,000–50,000 annually.

By applying the DMAIC method, your company will improve its competitiveness through, for example, more rational and flexible operations, efficiency, productivity and reduction of waste, systematic problem-solving capability, and improvements in customer and employee satisfaction.

Between the training modules, you will work on an improvement project for a selected process in your organization, and apply the methods, tools, principles, and operating models in practice. You will get support for your project from an experienced Master Black Belt/Black Belt.

The program modules cover the following themes: Define – setting up a project, Measure – identifying the current state, Analyze – finding root causes and the process flow, Improve & Control – creating and implementing alternative development solutions, Final – project presentations and certificates. The teaching includes group assignments and data analysis exercises with the Minitab statistical program. Minitab is not included in the price of the training and should be acquired by your organization. The training materials are in English.

By completing the program, you will achieve Certified Green Belt level Lean Six Sigma expertise: you master the DMAIC method, key tools, and how to apply them, and learn how to execute development projects. Your organization achieves measurable results, improvements, and cost savings in key processes and metrics, for example by reducing unproductive activity and variation. Typically, improvements and savings are sought in indicators such as lead time, customer satisfaction, productivity, on-time-delivery, quality of service, or personnel satisfaction.

This Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt training includes 10 days of theoretical instruction and exercises. You will work on your Green Belt project between modules. The project can take up to half of your working time, but the workload varies depending on the project stage. 

The program is held in Finnish.

Teaching takes place at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki.

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