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Lean is a management and development philosophy that helps to improve the quality of operations and processes in a customer-oriented and efficient way. You get an advanced level of knowledge about lean principles, tools, methods, and management. The training includes seven days of theoretical instruction, assignments, and a development project for your organization.


Teaching time:



Operations and supply chain management

Form of learning:



Aalto EE




€ 5,200 (+VAT)

Application period:

23.12.2022 – 8.9.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The program is designed for people working in expert positions, for example in project, quality, and Lean, development, and with team leader roles in middle-size and large companies and the public sector. No pre-requirements in Lean.

Course description

Lean is not only about tools and methods, it is a management and development system that gives a holistic view of organizational development. It is also systematic development of processes, operating models, and work methods. Lean philosophy is based on Deming's quality circle Plan-Do-Check-Act. Key concepts and principles include, for example, the inclusion of people and the team, timely operations, finding the root causes of problems, reducing waste, improving flow efficiency, standardized practices, and visual management.

By applying Lean principles, organizations learn to develop the quality of operations, improve processes, and streamline operations – delivering value to the customer and achieving results, continuously improving. With Lean, organizations can reduce unproductive activities and waste, get concrete tools for development work, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve financial savings.

The Lean-muutosagentti (Lean Change Agent) training includes seven days of theoretical instruction and exercises. You will learn the basics of Lean thinking and leadership, understand how to develop work with Lean tools, learn methods to improve flow efficiency and daily management, and understand how to create a Lean culture at the organizational level. You are able to lead and implement Lean development projects and understand the principles of systematic problem solving and continuous improvement. You will get tools for process renewal and organizing development activities.

Between training modules, you will execute a development project in your organization and apply Lean methods, tools, principles, and operating models to practice.

The program is held in Finnish.

Teaching takes place at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki.

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