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Information Visualization Hands-On

This program is the next step from Aalto EE's Information Visualization online course. You must complete the online course to take part in and benefit from the Information Visualization hands-on program. You will build on the lessons learned during the online course and focus on developing your own visualization project. Participants will reciprocally receive feedback from and give feedback to peers. Also, faculty will give individual feedback.


The program will start once there are 14 registrees

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Form of learning:

On-campus Online


Aalto EE




€ 2,046.00

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Target group and prerequisites

The program is suitable for anyone who wants a concise overview of information visualization and wants to do a practical project and receive expert feedback.

Course description

The world around us is filled with a massive amount of data that we try to understand. Every day, we need to decipher the complex data that surrounds us. By visualizing information, we can make data easy to use to make informed decisions and better understand the world around us.

The Information Visualization online course familiarizes you with the must-know, should-know, and nice-to-know when visualizing information. In this Information Visualization Hands-On program, you will get a concise understanding of what information visualization is and why it is needed, as well as a head start to developing your own visualizations. The program focuses on making quantitative data understandable and usable. 

Prior to the first meeting, you should choose your own visualization project, which you will focus on during the hands-on training. You will study and share your lessons learned with your peers and meet the faculty for expert feedback. You will also receive individual written feedback from the faculty.

The program consists of two webinars and a face-to-face workshop, as well as working remotely on your own project. You can join onsite or online.

Please note that you must complete the Information Visualization online course before the first webinar.

Teaching takes place at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki.

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