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First Time Manager

First Time Manager is a training program for those who are working as a supervisor for the first time. It will help you to get to know yourself and your practices as a supervisor. The training works as a practical tool to develop yourself in your first supervisor role and get peer support from others in the same situation. The six-month training includes five half-day workshops, peer-to-peer meetings, and independent reflection and assignments.


Teaching time:



Leadership and strategy

Form of learning:

On-campus Online


Aalto University Lifewide Learning




€ 2,046.00

Application period:

10.10.2023 – 23.8.2024

Target group and prerequisites

The program is suitable for those who have recently started as a supervisor or, for example, as a project manager. The focus of your work is enabling the success of your team or individuals.

Course description

People starting their first job as a supervisor or moving from an expert to a supervisor role face new challenges in their work. In this situation, finding your own leadership identity and developing your working methods are crucial.

The First Time Manager program will support you in your first supervisor role and help you develop yourself as a supervisor. Through the training, you will learn to understand your operational environment, your opportunities to influence, and your policies and practices as a supervisor. In addition, you will get peer support and a confidential platform to share experiences with other people in the same situation.

After the program, you will have learned about yourself as a supervisor and will be able to challenge and develop your leadership practices. You will get concrete tools for supervisor work and learn various suitable methods and solutions to problems from other supervisors in similar situations.

The program's key themes are leadership roles, the supervisor's identity, self-management, organizational leadership, development as a supervisor, coaching, and continuous learning. The program's training approach is based on social and relational constructivism, experientialism, reflectivity, and peer review.

The program consists of five three-hour workshops, independent reflection and assignments between workshops, and five peer-to-peer meetings. The total workload is approximately80 hours, including 15 hours of workshops, 10 hours of group meetings, and at most, about 50-60 hours of independent assignments, reflection, and implementation of learning.

The workshops are held online. It is also possible to participate in the first and last workshop at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki.

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