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EIT ALCASIM: Advanced LCA Simulation

The EIT ALCASIM program offers a comprehensive understanding of life cycle assessment. It is a unique LCA program where the LCA tools are successfully integrated to process simulation and thermodynamics simulation tools.


Teaching time:

Daytime Self-paced



Form of learning:

On-campus Online


Aalto EE




€ 0.00

Application period:

7.6.2023 – 27.9.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The program target group is experts in engineering, chemistry, and geology, professionals in the process industry and the battery and electronic equipment manufacturing industries.

Course description

The EIT ALCASIM program is delivered on a modular basis consisting of integrated LCA and process simulation tools, thermodynamics simulation, and sustainable battery design. Besides online lessons, the training includes onsite industrial camps. The LCA part of the training consists of assessments on employed process technologies, metal recoveries, raw material types, energy efficiencies, energy sources, site location, and recycling rates. The LCA tools used in the training allow the assessment of both primary and secondary materials. One of the used indicators will be the ratio between recycling and disposal performances. In the thermodynamics part of the training, the focus is to use thermodynamics simulation tools to predict equilibrium conditions. The battery design module focuses on the fundamentals of battery materials and their sustainability assessment from the perspective of circularity. The ALCASIM program addresses the topic of Design for Circularity. Successful learning of target simulation tools is based on training with actual calculation exercises.

During the program, you will increase your understanding of the product life-cycle, what product circularity means, and the expectations for product design due to the new Ecodesign directive. You will also learn how to create a circular product that is easy to repair, remanufacture, dismantle, and recycle.

The ALCASIM training is demand-driven as battery-powered applications are rapidly gaining ground in both industry and consumers. That is why professionals trained in the most sustainable engineering techniques for processing raw materials are needed throughout the whole battery value chain.

On top of the training content provided by faculty, you will also solve real-life challenges in groups. The group work is presented at the end of the program, and you receive feedback from field experts and peer participants.

The onsite training takes place in the Aalto University premises in Espoo, Finland. The online part consists of a mix of live sessions, pre-recorded video material, exercises, and reading material.

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