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Our services during the exceptional circumstances

Services of the Learning Centre during the exceptional circumstances starting from Mar 8th, 2021. The arrangements may change, so please follow our news updates. Latest information on the coronavirus from the Crisis Management Team: https://www.aalto.fi/en/aalto-university/information-on-coronavirus This page was last updated on Mar 11th, 2021.

Spaces and facilities

Harald Herlin Learning Centre is closed apart from the lobby. There can be max four customers in the lobby at the same time. It is only allowed to stay for max 15 minutes.


Customer service 

We serve primarily by telephone (Mon-Fri 10am – 3pm) 050 316 1011 and by e-mail [email protected].


Visiting the Learning Centre

If it is absolutely necessary, it is possible to visit the Learning Centre Mon-Fri 10am – 3pm. Visits must be kept short and safety distance must be respected. You can only visit if you are healthy and respecting current safety regulations.

It is only possible to pick up reservations and return books promptly in the lobby.

It is not possible to:

  • use the multi-function devices (printing, scanning, copying)
  • pick materials from the shelves by yourself
  • make payments

If you necessarily need a book that is available in the shelf, you can send a reservation request. Check the information of the book beforehand in Aalto-Primo. Please, note! Reserving books that are available is only possible limitedly during the special circumstances.

To make a reservation request, send e-mail to [email protected].

Include the following in your message:

  • your name and library card number (if available)
  • detailed information of the book: title, author, publication year, edition and shelf location

If the reservation is successful, you will receive a pick-up notification in your e-mail. If the reservation fails, we will contact you.

If you do not have a library card, fill a library card application online ahead of time: https://web.lib.aalto.fi/en/forms/asiakas_eng/. You can pick up your library card at the Learning Centre customer service desk with a valid ID. 

Please, note! You can still make reservations for books that are not available by yourself in Aalto-Primo.


Inter-library loan service and book acquisition 

Inter-library service and book acquisition are mainly functioning as usual, but some delays and deficiencies can occur due to the global pandemic. Please note the following from 8th March 2021 on:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer inter-library service for private non-Aalto customers for the time being
  • Aalto students with no library card may only order article copies, since making new cards is on hiatus
  • Inter-library services that involve a service fee are not currently offered
  • For Aalto personnel, we recommend using Aalto Direct for inter-library service. Information about current service level of Aalto Direct can be found at the top of the order form page.


Copies from the printed matter held by Learning Centre

Copies from Learning Centre’s own printed material (eg articles from periodicals or encyclopedias) can be supplied to the students and staff of Aalto university, within the limits of copyright legislation and rules. Copies can be delivered as scanned PDF files to aalto.fi email addresses, for private study and research purposes only, on the condition that the material cannot be acquired otherwise.

Please send copy requests concerning this service to the address [email protected], with as complete citation as possible (title of the publication, ISBN/ISSN, title of the article/excerpt, authors, page numbers).

This service is still being tested and provided only on temporary basis. Please note that delays in the service might occur.


Use of e-resources 

Aalto University students and faculty members can access all licensed materials wherever and whenever by logging in with Aalto username. More information: http://libguides.aalto.fi/e-resources



Electronic theses can be found in Aaltodoc database. Availability of full-texts depends on authors’ permissions. See further information: http://libguides.aalto.fi/theses_dissertations

Electronic theses, which are not available in open network, can be sent to customers if asked. All requests must be sent to [email protected].

Attach the following information to each thesis request to ensure discoverability:

  • author’s name
  • title of the thesis
  • year of publication

For the time being, customers are not able to use archived theses, that are only available in printed form.



Contact information

Contact information of the Learning Centre as a whole. Our main service point is Harald Herlin Learning Centre at Otaniementie 9, Espoo.

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