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Are you coming to the Learning Centre? Is there something on your mind? On this page we have collected the most frequently asked questions and more information on a number of topics. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for — and perhaps even more.
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Using library services (library card, reservations, reminders etc.)

The Learning Centre is open to all. Persons in age 15 and older may register as customers. Registration requires a valid ID with a picture and a postal address in Finland. Visiting researchers and exchange students have a right to obtain a library card regardless of the above conditions.

Aalto University Learning Centre - Term of use.

What is Aaltodoc ? (metadata and conducting searches)

Aaltodoc is a publication archive of Aalto University. Aalto University’s publications and theses are registered on Aaltodoc. Aaltodoc is also a forum for electronic publishing.

It is good to aknowledge that the coverage of Aaltodoc’s search results is based on the quality of the metadata. Aaltodoc’s metadata is partly collected from previously used registers which have had different reguirements for the quality of metadata. Additionally, the names of schools, departments, programmes, and majors have changed over time. Consider these facts when conducting searches on Aaltodoc. 

What is Aalto Thesis Database? 

Aalto Thesis Database is a remote desktop connection to Aaltodoc’s restricted access collection of master’s, licentiate, and doctoral theses files.  

Information services for archived theses

Approved theses are public documents. This means that we (Aalto University) must provide access to the theses to whomever wishes to read them. It is Learning Centre’s responsibility to archive the theses and to provide access to the theses.  From the year 2020 all theses have been archived only in electronic format. 

Theses and copyrights

Author is the copyright owner of the thesis. Copyright holders possess the exclusive rights of distribution and public display of the original work. 

Facilities and equipment

There are hundreds of locations available for our customers and groups of varied sizes in the premises. 

The thorough renovation of the library building designed by Alvar Aalto during the years 1964-68 and finished in 1970 was completed in the year 2016. After that the building has served as the Harald Herlin Learning Center of Aalto University. More extensive changes in connection with the protected building were possible only in the current K-floor that formerly served as storage places. In other respects, the library building with its furnishings designed by Aalto had to be preserved as well as possible in their original form. 

Material and information retrieval

The Learning Centre is open to all customers. A prerequisite is to register as our customer. The library card also works after graduation from the university and borrowing from our printed collections is possible for everyone.

Ordering materials

Do you need a book or article that is not part of the Learning Center collection? We can order it for you to borrow from another library as an interlibrary loan. Alternatively, Aalto University staff and students can also make an acquisition proposal to the library.

Donation of books

We accept book donations to a limited extent.

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