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Speech Clinic

Similar to its sister service, the Writing Clinic, the Speech Clinic offers help and guidance to doctoral and post doc researchers, as well as other academic faculty who seek feedback, tips, or simple guided practice with experienced communication coaches on almost any aspect of academic-style presentations and speeches. Speech clinic is offered in English and in Finnish.

Speech Clinic - Doctoral & Post Doc Researchers

Nervous about performing your first conference presentation or your PhD defence speech? Or are you a seasoned speaker, curious to get professional feedback on your style and rhetoric?

This service is free to its users, although paid for by the client's respective school (BIZ, ENG and ELEC: for doc. students and faculty, SCI: for doc. students).

Each client is awarded up to four hours of consultation (this includes any possible practices, feedback or language editing of slides) per academic year.

If interested, please contact [email protected] during the academic terms.

OR go to our MyCourses site to see other consultants available for this service.

Speech Clinic - Stage fright?

Do you get very nervous about speaking in public? Have you had problems completing courses due to anxiety?

The Speech Clinic gives you a chance to practise public speaking or other interaction skills one-on-one with a teacher who can help you find the right practising methods and train your speaking skills.

This service is for bachelor's and master's degree students with performing anxiety.

To learn more about the clinic and book an appointment: r[email protected]

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