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Intercultural Communication

The Intercultural Communication (ICC) courses aim to enable students to establish a different perspective on ‘culture’, ‘identity’, ‘leadership’ and ‘teamwork’. To do so, the courses will introduce key terms, concepts and theories in the field of ICC (e.g. social identity, non-verbal communication, culture shock, stereotyping, racism, Communities of Practice (CoP), Discursive Leadership) with accessible language and provide discussion opportunities to apply this theoretical understanding to real-life scenarios.

By bridging theories and the reality, the courses will encourage students to foster a critical mindset interrogating the taken-for-granted assumptions about ‘culture’ and ‘leadership’ – for example, “Can we equate culture with nation?”, “Leadership is about being charismatic and assertive?”.The courses will invite students to explore different answers for the seemingly simple questions by discussing how and why culture is not necessarily about nationality and nationhood. This, in turn, will enable students to become flexible intercultural agents who view ‘culture’ and ‘leadership’ as emergent, dynamic, multifaceted and ever-changing social construct.

All courses are in English

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