Join us in creating our new living strategy!

Join us in creating our new living strategy!

How does the upcoming decade look like in research and education? What choices should Aalto make to prosper? 

Discuss our future in the strategy portal. Log in with your Aalto ID and share your thoughts.

During 2018, Aalto University looked towards the future in the preparatory phase for our living strategy. The current strategy will continue until 2020. During 2019, we will create our new strategy together.

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Aalto University strategy portal

Welcome to create Aalto University 3.0!

Share your thoughts - Make an impact! Requires log-in.
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Stakeholders - your views are valued

We appreciate the expertise and vision of our stakeholders and therefore we invite you to contribute to our new strategy. Participate in building the direction of our university by answering a short questionnaire. Your views are valued!

Welcome to participate!

President Ilkka Niemelä on his video greeting about preparing our future strategy:

'We need your expertise and insight in order to identify the choices that are in front of us. Please join the discussions, come to the workshops and express your opinions. They will be truly appreciated!'


People at Aalto University strategy bazaar, September 2019, photo Mikko Raskinen

Strategic choices and emphasis points discussed in workshops in October

The preparation of the strategy proceeds to the finalisation stage. Check out how you can continue to participate and see the news and pictures from the community event in September!

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How do we proceed?

All members of Aalto community and our stakeholders are invited to join the strategy preparation process. In the preparatory phase we have used various background materials: In the Aalto and operative environment analysis, for example, the Research, Art and Impact Assessment (RAI evaluation), and, in gathering Questions, all insights, comments and questions received from the Aalto community in workshops and through webpages.

We thank for all input given so far.

The strategy preparation work is coordinated by Raili Pönni, Head of Planning and Leadership Support, Antti Saaristo, Senior Advisor and Marja Niemi, Development Manager.

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Ilmakuva Väreestä ja Kauppakorkeakoulusta. Taivas upean punakeltainen. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mika Huisman
University Published:

Strategy preparation process in the final stage

The Board will discuss the strategy next week - check out the material we prepared together!
People at Aalto University strategy bazaar, September 2019, photo Mikko Raskinen
University Published:

Strategy preparations proceed to the finalising stage

In October workshops, the strategic choices and emphasis points of identified development areas will be worked on. Participate – you can still make a difference!
Two persons discussing in Aalto University community event on new strategy
University Published:

The next stage of the strategy process - there's still time for your input!

At the community event on 18 September, we will focus on discussing our strategic choices and emphasis points. 
Aalto-yliopiston yhteisötilaisuus strategiasta 21.5.2019, kuva Jaakko Kahilaniemi
University Published:

Community event greenlights university's cornerstones

The university’s values, purpose and way of working will be presented to the board for discussion in June.

Contact us

For any questions regarding the strategy, please contact [email protected].

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