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Studies in the School of Electrical Engineering for exchange students

Studies in the School of Electrical Engineering for exchange students

Exchange students can choose courses from the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC) quite freely as long as they have the required knowledge and skills to attend the course. In some cases, there may be restrictions, but applicants will be informed of these once their Learning Agreement/Study Plan has been checked.

The majority of courses offered in English at ELEC are master-level courses. However, we also offer bachelor-level courses in English and if you are a bachelor-level student and in the final stages of your degree (esp. fourth-year students), you are free to take courses at master-level if you fulfill their pre-knowledge requirements. Because the choice of bachelor-level courses in English is limited, we recommend that bachelor students apply to the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering only in the final year(s) of their degree. Bachelor's students in the beginning of their studies may find it problematic to find suitable courses in English.

Above you can find a list of courses offered in English at ELEC for the academic year 2024-2025. 

Please use this list of courses taught in English at ELEC as a starting point for making your Learning Agreement/Study Plan. But please note that it is subject to change, so for up-to-date course information and course descriptions, please check the Sisu portal with a course code. Course timetables for the next academic year will be available in summer, so at the time of the application process for the autumn term, timetables are unfortunately not yet available.

The Learning Agreement/Study Plan you make before arrival is preliminary and you may be required to make changes upon arrival due to overlaps in schedule or course cancellations.

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