International students

Post-arrival checklist for international degree students

Here is a list of things you need to take care of after your arrival.

If you are an exchange student, please see your instructions on the exchange students' page.

Note that the things you need to do before your arrival are listed separately in the degree-level instructions for new students (see bachelor's students, master's students or joint master's students).

All the necessary steps for settling in Finland are collected below. Links to detailed descriptions and instructions are provided. Steps 1-4 are compulsory and should be taken care of as early as possible. Steps 5-10 are optional and may depend on your personal needs but they are still highly recommended as they will make your daily life easier in the long run. 

What When Actions

1. Register your right of residence (EU/EEA-citizens only)

Non-EU students: this is already covered with your student residence permit. 

Soon after arrival

Note: Migri is a busy place. It is recommended that you submit the online application and book the meeting already during summer before your arrival. You can book the visit before your arrival and then make the visit after your arrival.

  • Online application
  • Book a meeting with Migri
  • Visit Migri office

See instructions under Registering with the authorities.

2. Apply for a municipality of residence (if your studies last longer than one year)

Soon after arrival

Note: You must have your own address in Finland.

Note: EU-citizens must have the right-of-residence registration certificate from Migri (see number 1).

  • Online application form
  • Book a meeting with DVV
  • Visit the DVV office of your city

See instructions under Registering with the authorities.

Note! DVV will be present at the Aalto Welcome fair during the orientation week

3. Update your contact information and Finnish ID -code in the Sisu student register.

At the beginning of term

Note: You can't use FSHS student health-care without a registered ID -code in Sisu.

  • Log in to Sisu
  • A secured e-mail OR visit to a student service desk on campus

See instructions under Registering with the authorities.

4. Pay the student health care fee By 15 November
  • Bank transfer

If you have Finnish online bank credentials, you can also use an online service.

See instructions under new bachelor's  or new master's students

5. Register your student discount on the HSL public transportation service

After your DVV registration (see number 2) is ready.

Note! Double degree students only need a document from Aalto university.

  • Visit an HSL service point

If you have Finnish online banking credentials, do an update in the HSL app

See instructions under Local transportation

6. Open a bank account After your DVV registration (see number 2) is ready.
  • Collect the documents
  • Book a meeting with bank
  • Meeting with bank

See instructions under Registering with the authorities.

7. Obtain a Finnish ID-card

After your DVV registration (see number 2) is ready.

With steps 6 & 7, you will be able to obtain "strong authentication" for different purposes.

  • Collect documents (eg. digital passport photo)
  • Book a meeting with the police

See further under registering with the authorities

8. Get home insurance Soon after arrival
  • (Pre-booked) visit an insurance company

See more under Housing for students.

Optional at the university:
9. Activate campus access (Otaniemi campus only)

At the beginning of term

Note: Common study areas do not require an access token. You will receive more information in orientation week.

See instructions under Campus guide
10. Order a university library card At the beginning of term
  • Login to Aalto Primo
  • Visit the Learning Centre

See instructions on the Learning centre pages.

Commonly used abbreviations

AYY = Aalto-yliopiston Ylioppilaskunta, Aalto University Student Union. An independent student association. Membership is compulsory for all degree students by law and payment is thus connected to the annual enrolment at the university.

DOMO = Housing application system used for AYY housing

DVV = The Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Registration of your municiplaity of residence is done with the DVV.

FRANK App = A digital student card

FSHS = Finnish Student Health Service. Called YTHS in Finnish.

HOAS = Foundation for student housing in the Helsinki Region

HSL = Helsinki Regional Transport Authority

KELA = Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The FSHS health care fee is collected by Kela. Kela student health care fee is compulsory for all degree students by law.

Migri = The Finnish Immigration Service. Registration of your stay in Finland is done with Migri (application for residence permit or EU-citizen's stay).

International students

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