Individualized and accurate administration of advanced wound therapies, including biomaterials, drugs and cellular therapies.
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Every year, an alarming 11 million burn injuries occur worldwide, with 180,000 resulting in death. This issue is particularly devastating in low-income countries, but high-income countries are also significantly affected, especially among children, working-age adults, and the elderly. In addition, chronic wounds like diabetic ulcers afflict a staggering one-fourth of the 460 million people with diabetes worldwide, highlighting the urgent need for improved burn prevention and treatment strategies. 

Extensive burns and poorly healing, deep chronic wounds are challenging to treat. Their treatment often requires repeated visits to specialized healthcare, which consumes a lot of healthcare resources. The most important factor in rapid healing is the quality of the new skin as the wound heals. In large burns and chronic wounds, the size and complexity of the wound often prevent the natural healing process. 

The WoundSprayIQ device aims to change the way advanced therapies are administered. By analyzing the wound surface and the operator's actions, the WoundSprayIQ enables individualized and accurate administration of advanced wound therapies, including biomaterials, drugs and cellular therapies. In large-area burn wounds, the  WoundSprayIQ optimizes therapy dosing to the entire treated surface. In chronic wounds, the WoundSprayIQ device provides accurate control over therapy administration specifically to meet the critical demands of advanced therapy 3D application to produce an effective repair-inducing therapeutic composition and porosity as well as to spatially optimize the distribution of biologically active therapy components throughout the entire treatment volume.   

This project aims to research technical challenges and commercialization opportunities for the WoundSprayIQ device. By addressing both aspects, the project will create a comprehensive plan for reaching commercialization readiness.


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