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We are on a mission to help everyone become great communicators. Visentools aims to level-up the quality of meetings with a groundbreaking business-to-business toolset designed to increase collaboration and improve communication. The toolset comprises an application and physical visualization tools. The solution is based on the latest scientific discoveries from psychology and neuroscience.

epicMeets is an innovative toolset created by Visentools to enhance meetings and workshops. Our experienced team is commercializing this research-driven product and service idea as part of a Business Finland-funded Aalto University Research to Business project.

We are developing a user-friendly and efficient meeting toolset that facilitates seamless collaboration and communication between individuals and teams. 

epicMeets is a comprehensive toolset with an advanced app and physical visualization tools. It helps individuals and teams hold impactful and productive meetings and workshops based on the latest cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, ensuring successful outcomes and maximum value.

The project timeline spans from January 2023 to June 2024, during which we will continue to refine and enhance the toolset. Following the completion of the project, we plan to incorporate and further develop the toolset towards a release version of our service.

Our mission is to empower everyone with the ability to communicate effectively. We believe that communication is the key to success in every aspect of life, and we are committed to helping professionals master this essential skill. Join us on our journey towards becoming a great communicator and unlocking limitless possibilities for yourself and your team.


 Robin Gustafsson

Robin Gustafsson

Professori (Associate professor)

Timo Rossi

Spinoff Portfolio Manager

A new visual teamwork tool based on metaphors

A typical problem in teamwork is an imbalance in participation – a few team members are active but not everyone's voice is heard. The Visentools project uses visual tools and haptic feedback to make workshops and team meetings more participatory and meaningful. The project is funded by Business Finland and has been piloted since May.

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The Visentools objects enable people to tell stories with visual metaphors. From left: Thomas Tuominen, Janina Saarnio, Robin Gustafsson, Mikko Illi and Shena Saj. Photo: Susanna Oksanen.

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Aalto University Innovation Services

Aalto Innovation Services manages the commercialization of inventions at Aalto University.


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