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Ilmatar Open Innovation Environment

Ilmatar Open Innovation Environment with crane and operator

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Ilmatar OIE is an open physical and digital development environment targeted for different third parties i.e. students, startups, SMEs, larger corporations or other parties, who want to innovate and develop new devices and applications that are connected to Konecranes overhead cranes. It includes a physical crane environment at Aalto Industrial Internet Campus premises and multiple software components to support development for industries including cranes.

The environment enables fast cyber-physical prototyping with solutions from latest research activities, being even further than current state-of-the-art industry solutions. The platform is constantly evolving, so please acknowledge that most of the components are not finalized products and may contain bugs.

Ilmatar is the nickname of the crane installed to Aalto Industrial Internet Campus premises in late 2016. It is a Konecranes CXT family crane with Siemens PLCs and can lift 3.2 ton loads. The serial number of Ilmatar is K16052. Further information in conference publication: accepted manuscript available at, final published version in IEEExplore:

Resources of Ilmatar OIE

Ilmatar OIE currently includes these physicalish resources:

  • Physical Ilmatar crane
  • The surrounding laboratory space
  • The local network of the crane
  • Raspberry Pi in the crane cabinet
  • Siemens MindConnect Nano

Ilmatar OIE Digital resources

  • OPC UA interface to the crane
  • python library
  • 3D model of the crane
    • surface model, available in both STEP and Siemens NX formats
    • Available in Eduuni
  • Coming: Simulation model of the crane
    • with the same OPC UA interface as the physical crane
    • (requires Visual Components software)

Dependencies of the Ilmatar OIE

Applications developed and available in the Ilmatar OIE

Resources with limited availability and/or possible unfinished projects. Please reach technical contact for more information.

  • Application: High Precision Lifting Device
  • Application: HoloLens control of the crane
  • MindSphere based REST API to crane data
  • Digital twin data broker

Supporting materials:

To get access to the Eduuni resources, please request for access via this Google form (the request is manually handled). The materials are stored in Eduuni service provided by CSC.

Moving the crane physically requires a safety training.

If you would like to start a new project in the environment, please contact us.

Research contact:

Jari Juhanko, [email protected]

Technical contacts:

Riku Ala-Laurinaho, [email protected]

Juuso Autiosalo, [email protected]


HoloLens control for crane
HoloLens control of the Ilmatar crane
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