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Selection of a few highlights originating from HYBER
light coupled optical fibre

Hynninen V, Chandra S, Das S, Amini M, Dai Y, Lepikko S, Mohammadi P, Hietala S, Ras RH, Sun Z, Ikkala O. Luminescent Gold Nanocluster-Methylcellulose Composite Optical Fibers with Low Attenuation Coefficient and High Photostability. Small (2021) (article) (Aalto News)




light coupled optical fibre

Vuckovac M., Backholm M., Timonen J.V.I, Ras RHA. Viscosity-Enhanced Droplet Motion in Sealed Superhydrophobic Capillaries Science Advances (2020) (article) (Aalto News)


Kontturi, E., Laaksonen, P., Linder, M. B., Nonappa, Gröschel, A. H., Rojas, O. J. & Ikkala, O. Advanced Materials through Assembly of Nanocelluloses,
Advanced Materials (2018) (link)

Aalto University/HYBER

Tardy, B., Richardson, J. J., Guo, J., Lehtonen, J., Ago, M. & Rojas Gaona, O. 
Lignin Nano- and Microparticles as Template for Nanostructured Materials: Formation of Hollow Metal-Phenolic Capsules
Green Chemistry, 20:1335–1344 (2018) (link)

Aalto University/HYBER

Toivonen, M. S., Onelli, O. D., Jacucci, G., Lovikka, V., Rojas, O. J., Ikkala, O. & Vignolini, S. Anomalous-Diffusion-Assisted Brightness in White Cellulose Nanofibril Membranes. Advanced Materials 1704050 (2018) (link)

Aalto University/HYBER

Liljeström, V., Ora, A., Hassinen, J., Rekola, H., Nonappa, N., Heilala, M., Hynninen, V., Joensuu, J. J., Ras, R., Törmä, P., Ikkala, O. & Kostiainen, M.  Cooperative colloidal self-assembly of metal-protein superlattice wires. Nature Communications, 8: 1-10671 (2017) (link) (Dissertation award to Ville!)

Aalto University/HYBER

Liimatainen V., Vuckovac M., Jokinen V., Sariola V., Hokkanen M., Zhou Q., Ras R.H.A. Mapping microscale wetting variations on biological and synthetic water-repellent surfaces, Nature Communications, 8: 1978 (2017) (link)

Aalto University/HYBER
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