HSE Support Foundation

Spring 2018

Awarded Grants in Spring 2018.
HSE Support Foundation

The Yrjö Uitto Foundation

By decision of the Yrjö Uitto Foundation on June 7, 2018, grants of 24.000 euros were made on the basis of applications submitted by March 14, 2018.

Awarded grants:

Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä, D.Sc. (Econ.) 4.000 euros
Elina Koivisto, M.Sc. (Econ.) 5.000 euros
Lauri Laine, M.Sc. (Econ.) 3.000 euros
Olli Vuola, D.Sc.(Econ.) 12.000 euros

Letters will be sent to grant recipients by the Yrjö Uitto Foundation.

Helsinki, June 7, 2018
The Yrjö Uitto Foundation

THE HSE SUPPORT FOUNDATION SR                     
By decision of the HSE Support Foundation board on April 17, 2018, grants of 406,007 euros were made on the basis of applications submitted by February 28, 2018, to researchers, teachers, employees and students of the Aalto University School of Business.
Grants of 102,500 euros were set aside for dissertations, decisions on awardees will be made in June 2018. Decision of 49,000 euros dissertation grants was made on June 26, 2018.     

In addition, grants of 33.200 euros in support of theses were made separately from donated funds.
Recognition awards of 56,000 euros were given in support of articles published in academic journals.             
Abbreviations used for the sources of grants:                
TS = the HSE Support Foundation General funds                
LAHJ = Companies donor funding                
Special funds of the HSE Support Foundation:                
ST = Oy Stockmann Ab fund                
EMV = Aava & Martti Virkkunen fund                
KKK = HSE 50th anniversary fund                
W = Oy Wärtsilä Ab jubilee fund                
PWC = PWC Oy fund                
JH = Chanchellor Jaakko Honko fund                
KKY = Bachelors of Business association ry             
RESEARCH GRANT                
Research projects                
Gylfe Philip, PHD        6 000    TS    Hot words in the cold Arctic: Strategy processes in the Arctic Region.
Kent Derin, PhD        6 000    TS    Amateurs and professionals: Roles in a community of expertise
Koveshnikov Alexei, DSc (Econ.)        6 000    TS    The role of humor in facilitating Finnish expatriates’ cross-cultural adjustment to the culturally challenging host environments of Russia and Japan
Kähäri Perttu, KTT, DI        5 000    TS    Academic expatriates in Finland: Identity work, cross-cultural adjustment and organizational commitment
Niemi Lasse, KTT        9 000    PWC    The effects of the client's digitalization on auditing
Sihvonen Markus, KTK, VTK, VTM        5 000    TS    Bonds, Currencies and Expectational Errors.
Vuori Natalia, DSc        7 000    TS    Performance of corporate spin-off firms: The role of emotions and affective diversity
Dissertations, reservation 102,500 euros. Decision of 49,000 euros, on June 26, 2018   
Fan Wenjie, M.Sc.        12 000    TS    Understanding the Online Customer interactions in E-commerce: the Online Customer Reviews and Managerial Response
Lehtimäki Aku-Ville, KTM, VTK         6.000    KKK   Behavioraaliseen hinnoitteluun, hintatutkimukseen ja kuluttajavalintaan liittyvä väitöskirja
Malik Marta, M.Sc.         6 000    TS    Sustainable logistics operation: case of Russia
Marella Venkata, Doctoral    24 000    TS    Understanding the Creation of Trust on Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin
Roshan Kokabha Maryam, M.Sc.         1 000    TS    Survival of Mobile Developer Startups        
Professor Emeritus                
Ilmakunnas Pekka, PhD        7 500    TS    Emeritus-apuraha
Kallio Markku, Ph.D        7 500    TS    Studies in Management Science
Other scientific research                
Badham Mark, PhD        12 000    TS    Roles of the news media in discursive processes of legitimation: How media performing different roles participate with activists attacking the legitimacy of organizations
Kallio Galina, KTM        7 500    TS    Talouden uudet muodot ja muuttuva työ
Vuori Timo, Doctor of Science        5 000    TS    Artificial Intelligence and Data-Analytics in Strategic Management
Kaustia Markku, KTT        30 000    TS    Sapattivapaa-apuraha, vierailu Columbia Universityn taloustieteen laitoksella
Studies / research abroad                
Iivonen Kirsti, KTT, FM        7 500    W    Tutkimusvierailu Stanfordin yliopistoon (SCANCOR)
Kajalo Sami, KTT        4 000    TS    Tutkimusvierailu Hokkaido Universityn Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration-laitokselle (Japani). Liittyy "Market Orientation And Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Retailing"-tutkimukseen.
Kevätsalo Jukka-Pekka, KTM, KM        3 800    TS    Vierailu Copenhagen Business Schoolissa, kesäkuu 2018
Laihonen Maarit, KTT        12 000    TS    In the new global rise of nuclear power: International relations and social movements around the controversial, industry/SCANCOR-Harvard -tutkimusvaihto
Lindblom Arto, KTT        5 000    TS    Tutkijavierailu Keio Business Schoolin (Japani)
Moisander Johanna, KTT        5 500    TS    Developing experience research -related collaboration between Aalto BIZ and The New School, NYC
Mäkinen Juuso, KTM         10 000    TS    Tutkimusvierailu University of California, Berkeleyn taloustieteen laitokselle. Väitöskirjan työnimi: "Essays on Local Labor Markets".
Paavola Lauri, DI        3 750    TS    Interactions and internal dynamics of routines in organizational and field-level transformations
Master's thesis                
Bakajic Misa, BSc / Advance decision        8 000    LAHJ    Assessing the impact of technology on the EU energy-from-waste (EFW) sector
N'Sombo Patricia, KTK / Advance decision        10 000    LAHJ    How data-analytics tools will shape the future role of controller
Parvi Alf, BSc / Advance decision        8 000    LAHJ    Value Chain Innovation in Solid Waste Management industry
Renko Julia, KTK        1 400    TS    Gradu-tutkielman nimi: Fostering empowerment through the development of community-based tourism: A case study on a Mayan community El 20 de Noviembre, Mexico
Salo Anttoni, Insinööri (AMK) / Advance decision        1 600    LAHJ    Effects of Personal Visits in B2N Sales
Uusitalo Teemu, Tradenomi / Advance decision        5 600    LAHJ    Kansainvälisen listatun yhtiön johtaminen vapaaehtoisen sijoittajaviestinnän kautta yrityskauppa-aikeen kontekstissa
Veistola Iines Sohvi Maria, KTK        4 000    PWC    Mukautetut tilintarkastuskertomukset 
TRAVEL GRANT                
Choudhury Ranajoy, MBA        550    TS    International QCA Summer Workshop 2018 at the University of Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
Koljonen Tomi, KTM        800    JH    PhD course in organizational ethnography, The University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
Paavola Aleksi, MSc Economics        3 700    JH    Barcelona GSE Summer School in Macroeconomics and Banking
Rappe Olli, KTM        3 900    TS    Seuraavat metodikurssit Essexin yliopiston Essex Summer Schoolissa:, Intro to Methods for the Digital Humanities and History, ja, Applying Discourse Theory – Politics, Ideology, Populism
Salmi Julia, VTM        150    EWC    Kurssimaksu, CSC
Simola Salla, KTM        150    KKY    Introduction to Julia -kurssi (CSC) (https://www.csc.fi/web/training/-/julia_intro_2018)
Conference paper / Working paper                
Ansari Luna, PhD student, M.Sc. (Management)        1 800    TS    1) 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia, Paper Accepted to sub-theme 37: Opening the Black Box: Advancing Micro-level Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility, , 2) Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting, August 10 - 14, in Chicago - MOT division  (Management and Organization theory
Badham Mark, PhD        985    TS    The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA)
Björk Artturi, M.Sc.        1 200    TS    The European Association of Labour Economists Conference 2018
Choudhury Ranajoy, MBA        1 200    TS    34th EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Colloquium, 2018 in Tallinn
del Rio Olivares Maria Jose, M.Sc.        1 200    TS    31th EMAC Doctoral Colloquium
Derichs David, MSc in Accounting and Finance        1 200    TS    EAA Conference - 41st annual congress
Dike Marcellinus, M.Sc. (Master of Science)        1 800    TS    AIB 2018 Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, USA)
Eräranta Kirsi, VTT        1 200    TS    34th EGOS Colloquium
Fan Wenjie, M.Sc. (Manag. Inf. Syst.)        1 800    TS    The 22nd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2018)
Gloukhovtsev Alexei, M.Sc.         1 800    TS    9th Biennial Marketing and Public Policy Research Workshop and Doctoral Seminar; Marketing and Public Policy Conference
Gylfe Philip, PhD        1 800    TS    Acedmy of management Chicago
Haataja Vera, KTM        1 200    TS    ESU Conference 2018
Hauser Daniel,         550    TS    Econometric Society European Winter Meeting
Huikku Jari, KTT        1 200    TS    EAA Annual Congress, Milano, Italia
Hänninen Mikko, KTM        1 800    TS    77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) 2018
Iivonen Kirsti, KTT, FM        1 100    TS    EGOS - European Group for Organizational Studies 2018
Ikäheimo Seppo, KTT        1 200    TS    EAA Annual Congress
Jalonen Meri, TkT        1 145    TS    European Group for Organization Studies, Tallinna, Viro
Juntunen Jouni, D.Sc.        1 200    TS    International Sustainability Transitions 2018
Järventie-Thesleff Rita, KTT        1 800    TS    Vaihtoehtoisesti joko Academy of Management konferenssi Chicagossa tai Strategic Management Societyn konferenssi Pariisissa
Kajalo Sami, KTT        1 800    TS    International Conference on Business and Information (BAI 2018)
Kakkuri-Knuuttila Marja-Liisa, FT, Liiketoim. fil. prof. emerita        1 200    TS    Philosophy of Management Annual Conference 2018
Kallio Galina, KTM        1 200    TS    EGOS Colloquium 2018
Kangas-Müller Laura, KTM, YTM        1 200    TS    European Group for Organizational Studies, EGOS 2018
Kankaanranta Anne, FT        1 200    TS    ELF11 (English as a Lingua Franca) Conference: ELF, Migration and Multilingualism
Katila Saija,         1 800    TS    Workshop at Macquarie University & visit to Macquarie University, , &, , Gender, Work and Organization conference, Macquarie University, Sydney
Kauppi Katri, KTT        1 200    TS    IPSERA 2018 - International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association annual conference
Kent Derin, PhD        1 800    TS    2018 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Kiran Anila, PhD candidate        1 200    PWC    European Accounting Association (EAA) Conference PhD colloquium (accepted to present) , International Symposium of Audit Research (conditional on acceptance)
Kivimäki Niko,         1 200    TS    EAA Annual Congress 2018
Kodeih  Farah, Ph.D.        1 750    TS    Alberta Institutions 2018: What of Macro-Foundations? Rediscovering the Power of Institutions
Koivisto Elina Maria, KTM        1 800    TS    Global Marketing Conference 2018, Tokyo
Koljonen Tomi, KTM        1 800    TS    78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Korhonen Pekka, FT        1 200    TS    29th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2018)
Koveshnikov Alexei, DSc (Econ.)        1 800    TS    Academy of International Business (AIB) 2018 Conference held in Minneapolis, USA between 25-28.06.
Kuismin Ari, MMM        930    TS    34th EGOS Colloquium
Kumar Ashish, PhD        1 800    TS    1. 40th ISMS Marketing Science Conference , 2. Workshop on Research Design for Causal Inference
Laihonen Maarit, KTT        1 800    TS    78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Laine Lauri, MSc                First Radical Relevances Conference
Laine Lauri, MSc        700    TS    23rd Organizational Storytelling Seminar
Lankoski Leena, TkT, MBA        1 100    TS    GRONEN Research Conference 2018, (GRONEN = Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment)
Lauraeus Theresa, KTT        1 200    TS    Thirteenth International Conference On Knowledge Management In Organisations, 6-10. Aug 2018, KMO 2018
Lavrusheva Olga, Ph.D.        1 800    TS    2018 American Marketing Association Summer Academic Conference
Lehtimäki Aku-Ville, KTM, VTK        1 800    TS    2018 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum
Lehtimäki Aku-Ville, KTM, VTK                2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo
Liesiö Juuso, TkT        1 200    TS    29th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2018)
Liu Yong, Doctoral degree        1 800    TS    The Seventeenth Wuhan International Conference on E-business 2018
Lukkarinen Anna, KTL, DI, KTK, ped. pät.        1 200    TS    Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd'18)
Luoma Jukka, KTT        1 200    TS    European Academy of Management Annual Conference, University of Iceland
Malmelin Nando, VTT        1 200    TS    7th European Communication Conference (ECREA),
Miihkinen Antti, KTT        1 200    TS    EAA:n vuosikonferenssi Milanossa
Mitronen Lasse, KTT        1 200    ST    Nordic retail and wholesale conference 2018
Moisander Johanna, KTT        1 200    TS    EGOS 2018, Tallinna
Neuvonen Lauri, DI        1 200    TS    EURO 2018 - 29th European Conference On Operational Research
Niemi Lasse L.T., KTT        1 200    PWC    EIASM Workshop on Audit Quality
Outila Virpi, KTT        1 200    TS    18th Annual Conference of European Academy of Management
Paavola Lauri, DI        1 800    TS    AOM annual meeting 2018
Patala Samuli, D.Sc.        1 800    TS    Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2018
Peixoto Ines, MSc        1 620    TS    Conference paper presentation at Academy of Management Meeting 2018
Peixoto Ines, MSc                Conference paper presentation at EGOS 2018
Penttilä Anu, KTM        740    TS    EGOS Colloquium 2018
Penttilä Visa, KTM, HuK        1 800    TS    Academy of Management 2018
Piekkari Rebecca, KTT        1 060    TS    34th EGOS Colloquim, Surprise in and around organizations: Journeys to the unexpected
Platanou Kalliopi, M.Sc.        1 200    TS    1. Oxford Saïd Annual Conference on Professional Service Firms, 2. 34th European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium
Porttikivi Merja, KTT        1 800    TS    CCI Conference on Corporate Communication May 29th – June 1st 2018, Baruch College/CUNY, New York, NY, USA
Puranen Pasi, FM        1 800    TS    WorldCall 2018
Puro Seppo, Ekonomi, KTM, MBA        1 200    TS    Doctoral Workshop, Strategic Management Society/ BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, "Sharing Strategies for the Connected World"
Riikkinen Rilana, Dr.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.)        1 800    TS    AOM conference
Ritvala Tiina, KTT        1 150    TS    EGOS 2018 conference
Roshan Kokabha Maryam, MSc.        1 200    TS    ECIS 2018
Rudra Piyali, MBA (Pursuing PhD)        1 200    TS    41st International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) Conference
Rusanen Olli, DI        1 200    TS    34th EGOS Colloquium 2018 in Tallinn. Surprise in and around Organizations: Journeys to the Unexpected
Sele Kathrin, PhD        1 200    TS    European Academy of Management (EURAM), 2018, Reykjavík, Iceland
Sirén Anna, HTM, KTK (KTM 23.3.2018)        1 800    TS    2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo
Tiilikainen Sanna, VTM        1 200    TS    Osallistuminen ECIS2018 konferenssiin
Vilkkumaa Eeva, TkT        1 200    TS    29th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2018)
Vuorenmaa Hertta, FT        1 800    TS    Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago USA, August 10-14 2018
Wallenius Jyrki, KTT        1 800    TS    2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting
Wong Tsz Ning, PhD (Econ.)        1 200    TS    71ST European Meeting of the Econometric Society
Xu Peng, Doctoral Candidate        1 800    TS    INFORMS 2018, Phoenix, AZ, USA
You Weimu, MSc        1 200    TS    IPSERA Conference 2018
Zhou Xun, M.Sc.        1 800    TS    The 2018 North American Productivity Workshop X
Other travel                
Choudhury Ranajoy, MBA        3 600    TS    Data collection field trip to Eastern and Southern Africa
Wickström Alice Ro Sofie, BSc/MSc        1 800    TS    Covening the stream ‘Radical Interventions: Alternative Readings, Experimental Methodologies and Widened Spaces’ with professor Susan Meriläinen  at the 10th Biennial Gender, Work & Organisation Conference 2018. Also participating in a pre-conference workshop and conference preparations.
GRANTS FOR LANGUAGE REVISION, advance decisions                
Language revision for dissertation                
Niemi Erkka, KTM        1 500    TS    The impact of technology on the strategic management of a knowledge-intensive project organization
Raitasuo Pinja, KTM        831    TS    Toward sustainable freight-transportation - Evidence from the logistics sector
Saittakari Iiris, KTM        1 500    TS    Locational dynamics, Possession, loss and relocation in the context of regional headquarter mandates
Language revision for other scientific research 
Katila Saija, KTT        446    TS    Gendering Entrepreneurship Enhancing Space       
OTHER GRANT                
Aalto Sustainability Hub/Jyrämä Annukka, KTT                Aalto Sustainability Hub, MAYDAY MAYDAY Aalto Sustainability Day tapahtuman (18.5.2018) kauppakorkeakoulun teematiikkaan keskittyvien osa-alueiden tuki
Johtamisen laitos / Patala Samuli, D.Sc.        8 000    TS    PRME -jatko-opintokurssin järjestäminen
Johtamisen laitos / Riikkinen Rilana, Dr.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.)        9 000    KKK    NORD-IB program 2018-2020
Rahoituksen laitos / Rantapuska Elias, KTT        10 500    TS    Helsinki Finance Summit 2018 -konferenssin järjestämiseen.               
del Rio Olivares Maria Jose, M.Sc., Wittkowski Kristina, Assistant Professor , Falk Tomas, Associate Professor, Mattila Pekka, Professor of Practice ja työryhmä        4 000    TS    Relational Price Discounts: Consumers’ Metacognitions and Nonlinear Effects of Initial Discounts on Customer Retention
Falk Tomas, PhD, Del Rio Olivares Maria, PhD student, Mattila Pekka, Professor of Practice, Wittkowski Kristina, Assistant Professor ja työryhmä                Relational Price Discounts: Consumers’ Metacognitions and Nonlinear Effects of Initial Discounts on Customer Retention
Hekkala Riitta, FT, Hekkala  Riitta, Post Doctoral researcher, Rossi Matti, Professori ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Metaphors in Managerial and Employee sensemaking in an Information System Project.
Iivonen Kirsti, KTT, FM        4 000    TS    Defensive Responses to Strategic Sustainability Paradoxes: Have Your Coke and Drink It Too!
Kauppi Katri, KTT, Kauppi Katri, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Examining the antecedents of the technology acceptance model within e-procurement
Kent Derin, PhD        4 000    TS    Giving Meaning to Everyday Work After Terrorism
Korhonen Pekka, FT, Korhonen Pekka, FT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    A Lexicographic Radial Projection onto the Efficient Frontier in Data Envelopment Analysis
Liesiö Juuso, TkT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    A portfolio model for siting offshore wind farms with economic and environmental objectives
Möller Kristian, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Managing business and innovation networks—From strategic nets to business fields and eco-systems
Möller Kristian, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    IMP thinking and IMM: Co-creating value for business marketing
Möller Kristian, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Network management in emerging high-tech business fields: Critical capabilities and activities
Möller Kristian, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Alliance capabilities: A systematic review and future research directions
Patala Samuli, D.Sc. ja työryhmä        4 000    TS    Legitimacy Under Institutional Change: How incumbents appropriate clean rhetoric for dirty technologies
Tuunainen Virpi, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Adverse consequences of access to individuals' information: an analysis of perceptions and the scope of organisational influence
Vaara Eero, Prof KTT ja työryhmä        4 000    TS    Strategy processes and practices: Dialogues and intersections FT50
Vaara Eero, KTT Prof ja työryhmä        4 000    TS    Communication and attention dynamics: An attention-based view of strategic change
Vaara Eero, KTT Prof ja työryhmä        4 000    TS    The interplay between HQ legitimation and subsidiary legitimacy judgments in HQ relocation: A social psychological approach
Vilkkumaa Eeva, TkT, Liesiö Juuso, TkT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Scenario-based portfolio model for building robust and proactive strategies
Vuori Natalia, DSc in Tech. ja työryhmä        4 000    TS    Emotional practices: how masking negative emotions impacts the post-acquisition integration process
Wallenius Jyrki, KTT, Pajala Tommi, KTT, Korhonen  Pekka, FT, Malo Pekka, KTT ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Accounting for Political Opinions, Power, and Influence: A Voting Advice Application
Wittkowski Kristina, Dr. rer. pol., del Rio Olivares M.J., , Falk Tomas, , Mattila  Pekka,  ja työryhmä                Relational Price Discounts: Consumers' Metacognitions and Nonlinear Effects of Initial Discounts on Customer Retention
Mattila Pekka, VTT, EMBA, Jose del Rio Olivares  Maria , Doctoral candidate, Wittkowski Kristina , Assistant Professor, Falk  Tomas, Associate Professor, Mattila Pekka, Professor of Practice ja työryhmä                Relational Price Discounts: Consumers' Metacognitions and Nonlinear Effects of Initial Discounts on Customer Retention
Vaara Eero, KTT Prof, Junni Paulina,  ja työryhmä        2 000    TS    Beyond cultural differences and post-merger syndrome: New avenues for research on the "human side" of global mergers and acquisitions               
Aalto BIZ Vapaaehtoisassistenttivaraus,         30 000    TS    Varataan käytettäväksi laitosten esityksistä
Letters including instructions will be sent to grant recipients                
in April 2018                
Arto Mäenmaa                
Managing director                

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