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Autumn 2017

Grants awarded Autumn 2017.
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Based on the decision of 17 December 2017 of the Board of the Yrjö Uitto Foundation, a total of €35 000 of grants have been awarded to applications submitted on or before 10 October 2017.

Bernadetta Ginting               €3 000

Ewald Kibler                       €3 000

Lauri Laine                         €3 000

Arto Lindblom                     €6 000

Aarni Moisala                      €9 000

Jouko Pitkänen                   €6 000

Tomi Seppälä                     €5 000

The Yrjö Uitto Foundation has sent the letters of approval to the grant recipients

Helsinki, 17.12.2017
Yrjö Uitto Foundation

Grant recipients for Autumn 2017

Based on the decision of 13 November 2017 of the Board of HSE Support Foundation, a total of €574 589 of grants has been awarded to researchers, teachers and students of the Helsinki School of Economics both an applications submitted on or before 30 September 2017.
In addition, a total of €28 200 of grants has been awarded from donated funds for supporting thesis and dissertation work, and a total of €70 000 of recognition awards have been given for articles published in top scientific journals.

Acronyms used to refer to sources of grants:

HSE Foundation General Fund:
TS = HSE Foundation’s General Fund
LAHJ = Donations

HSE Foundation’s special funds:
KKK = School of Business’s 50 Year Anniversary Fund
PWC = PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy Fund


Research projects

Kauppi Katri, DSc (Econ.) 3 700 TS Impacts of Social sustainability certification  - legitimacy and/or improved economic performance 
Lehtonen Miikka Juhani, DSc (Econ.), VTK    5 000 TS "I've started a joke": The role of humor in facilitating Finnish expatriates" cross-cultural adjustment to culturally distant host environments
Zinovyeva Natalia, Ph.D.    4 500 TS Gender identity and relative income within households: evidence from Finland

Doctoral Dissertations

Ansari Louna, Phd Student    4 000 TS Reconciling strategic contradictions of sustainability: A study of hydropower debate in Sweden and Finland
Choudhury Ranajoy, MBA   4 000 TS International grant funding of social entrepreneurs: Outcomes and cost
Ginting-Carlström Carmelita, MSc   12 000 TS Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation
Haataja Veera, MSc (Econ.)   6 000 TS Entrepreneurial empowerment
Humphries Lucas, MBA   3 000 TS Limiting Resources and Capability Development in International Small Firms
Kalmbach Aino, MSc (Soc. Sc.)   8 000 TS Dissertation work
Malik Marta, MSc   12 000 TS  Sustainable logistics operations: case of Russia
Roshan Kokabha Maryam, MSc   6 000 TS Survival of Mobile App Startups
Salminen Emma, MSc   16 000 TS All hands on deck! - Exploring maintenance practices from ecological perspective
Zhou Xun, MSc    14 000 TS Modeling CO2 Emissions of Finland's Passenger car Fleet

Doctoral Dissertations 1st and 2nd year Preliminary award 6.6.2017

Bauer Tilman, MSc (Econ)   10 925 TS Business for Peace - A Methodological Matrix for Advancing Social Harmony
Hilkamo Oona, MSc (Tech.)   10 925 TS Not Specified yet
Hänninen Mikko, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS Digitalisation in the Retail Sector - New Business Models and their Implications
Järvenpää Maija, MSc (Tech.), MSc Finance    10 925 TS First year doctoral studies
Kangas-Müller Laura, MSc (Econ.), MA (Soc. Sc.)   10 925 TS Critical discourse analysis of the concept of CSR
Kolehmainen Suvi-Elina, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS The process of business model development
Koljonen Tomi, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS The employee perspective and well-being in virtual teams
Laine Lauri, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS Three myths of entrepreneurship: The hero, the anti-hero and their atonement
Leinonen Anna, MSc   10 925 TS Narrative foresight - in search of methodologies, frameworks and impacts
Maghakyan Arpine, MSc   10 925 TS The impacts of E-business on audit
Marella Venkata Maruti Sesha Giri, PhD   10 925 TS Trust without Third parties through Blockchain Technology
Maula Hanna, MSc (Soc. Sc.), FL   10 925 TS 2nd year doctoral student grant
Neuvonen Lauri, MSc (Tech.)   10 925 TS Full-time doctoral studies
Pitkäjärvi Aleksi, MSc (Econ.)    10 925 TS Asset pricing
Rappe Olli, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS New European Paradigms of Governance
Reunamäki Riku, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS HRM practices of multinational corporations; how do cultural differences between countries affect the performance of foreign subsidiaries?
Taussi Thomas, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS Novel approaches to management control systems
Tuan Nguyen, Doctoral Degree   10 925 TS To provide financial support for the second year of doctoral studies
Vuolteenaho Tomi, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS Earnings Management and Price to Book Ratio
Xu Peng, MSc (Econ.)   10 925 TS Quantitative Portfolio Optimization with Stochastic Dominance Criteria under Incomplete Probability Information

Emeritus Professors

Korhonen Pekka, PhD   7 500 TS Emeritus Professor grant
Möller Kristian, DSc (Econ.)   7 500 TS Emeritus grant - Orchestration of business networks and innovation ecosystems - implementation of long-term research
Niskakangas Heikki, OTT, MSc (Econ.)  7 500 TS Assessment of a differentiated income tax system and dense tax base
Wallenius Jyrki, DSc (Econ.)    7 500 TS Emeritus grant

Other scientific research

Jalonen Meri, DSc (Tech.)   2 750 TS Experiments as a tool of innovation? An examination and assessment of experimental practices in sustainable development change processes
Kibler Ewald, PhD   5 000 TS Entrepreneurship and Population ageing
Kumar Ashish, PhD   4 000 TSConsumers like and follow on social media: Do they actually affect sales?
Mihailova Irina, DSc (Econ.)   14 000 TS Research projects: 1. Capabilities and global strategies of educational game firms, 2. The secrets behind successful mobile gaming development teams
Outila Virpi, DSc (Econ.)   12 000 TS Application of Western participative HRM practices in Russia
Sonika Rohit,        2 500 TS Trading Dynamics of Firms Payout and Insider Transactions


Kauppila Olli-Pekka, DSc (Econ.)    13 000  TS Research visit to California State University, Fullerton, Collaborative research project: "The micro-mechanisms of brokerage: How employees' personal attributes and behavioral strategies shape network structures and work behaviors in organizations"

Foreign studies / research work

Kuismin Ari, MMM   2 370 TS Research visit for postgraduate studies, Lancaster University Management School
Li Yijie, Master of Science   7 500 TS Does anonymity have a smaller negative impact on liquidity when information asymmetry is low?
Mitronen Lasse, DSc (Econ.)   3 700 KKK Research visit to San Jose State University and data collection for a joint paper at the invitation of Professor Stephen Kwan
Mäkinen Jukka, DSc (Econ.)   5 000 TS Research visit to Audencia Business School, Nantes, France
Salminen Emma, MSc  8 000 TS University of Melbourne research visit
Tukiainen Sampo, DSc (Econ.)  7 500 TS Research exchange at the SCANDOR Weatherhead Centre at Harvard University

Pro gradu studies

Seppänen Katariina, BSc (Econ.)   1 000 TS The formation of a student's professional identity in Aalto University School of Business

Pro gradu theses, Preliminary grants Autumn 2017

Nguyen Thi Hong Yen, BSc (Econ.)   5 600 LAHJ Building Competencies for Platform-based Product Development Projects
Nurmi Katja, BSc (Econ.)   1 600 LAHJ Is change always a swearword? A knowledge worker’s experiences of mergers and acquisitions
Paavola Juho, BSc (Econ.)  7 000 LAHJ External Indicators for Long-term Sales Forecasting in Tyre Industry
Tran Giang,    10 000 LAHJ Business model for future business travel management. Case,Company X
Vanha-Jaakkola Hermanni, BSc (Econ.)   4 000 LAHJThe predicative power of exchange rates on abnormal stick returns, recent evidence from Europe


Course trips

Reunamäki Riku, MSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS The Nordic Research School in International Business (Nord-IB), Modules 4 And 6
Xu Xiaoshi, Master in Management   1 200 TSThe Nordic Research School in International Business (Nord IB), modules 4 and 6

Presentation / working paper at a conference

Badham Mark, MA    1 570 TS CCI Conference on Corporate Communication 2018
Bagues Manuel, PhD    400 TS New Economic School 25th Anniversary Conference
Bask Anu, DSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS 48th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute
Cepa Katharina, MSc (Econ. and BA)   900 TS EGOS 2018
del Rio Olivares Maria Jose, MSc  1 800 TS 2018 AMA Winter Academic Conference
Dike Marcellinus, MSc   1 200 TS European International Business Academy Conference (EIBA) 2017 Milan Conference
Fan Wenjie, MSc (Manag. Inform. Syst.)   1 800 TS The 28th Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE 2017)
Farny Steffen, PhD   800 TS G-Forum Entrepreneurship Conference
Fey Carl, PhD, Professor Aalto BIZ   1 800 TS Attending the 2018 Academy of International Business Conference
Gloukhovtsev Alexei, MSc   1 800 TS 2017 North American Conference of the Association for Consumer Research
Haataja Vera, MSc (Econ.)   800 TS XXXI RENT CONFERENCE - Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Hakkarainen Tuuli, MSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS Conference trip to the annual conference for the International Business field.
Humphries Lucas, MBA   950 TS EIBA 2017 conference
Hänninen Mikko, MSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS Oxford Retail Futures Conference 2017
Ikävalko Heini, DSc (Tech.)   1 800 TS HICSS-2018, 51th Hawaii International Conference on Systems
Kajalo Sami, DSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS 25th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences (ASBBS)
Kallio Markku, PhD   1 800 TS INFORMS 2017 Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, USA, 22.-25.10.2017
Kiran Anila, PhD candidate   1 800 PWC Twenty-fourth Annual Auditing Section Midyear Meeting
Koivisto Elina, MSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS Australian and New Zealand MArketing Academy Conference, 4.-6.12.2016, Melbourne
Koveshnikov Alexei, DSc (Econ.)   1 175 TS European International Business Academy (EIBA) 2017 Conference
Kuula Markku, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS 20th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Feb 19-23, 2018
Kähäri Perttu, DSc (Econ.), MSc (Tech.)   1 200 TS European International Business Academy (EIBA) 2017 conference
Laihonen Maarit, DSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology: Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities, Toronto, Canada, July 15-21, 2018
Lauraeus Theresa, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS International conference on Global Competition and Innovation Management
Lindholm Arto, DSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2018
Lukkarinen Anna, KTL, MSc (Tech.), BSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting Houston
Merikivi Jani, DSc (Econ.)   1 780 TS International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
Mihailovna Irina, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS 43rd European International Business Academy Conference, School of Management, Politecnico MSc (Tech.) Milano, December 14-16, 2017, Milan Italy
Niemi Lasse, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 PWCEARNet Symposium 2017 Leuven, Belgium 
Olkkola Maarit Kristiina, MSc (Soc. Sc.)   1 200 TS Conference trip to the World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Outila Virpi, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS 43rd European International Business Academy Conference
Paaso Mikael, MPhil (Finance)   1 800 TS American Finance Association 2018 Meeting (PhD Poster Session)
Paavola Lauri, MSc (Tech.)   1 800 TS LAEMOS-conference
Pajala Tommi, MSc (Tech.)   1 800 TS INFORMS 2017 Annual Meeting
Peixoto Ines, MSc   1 420 TS Convening of conference sub-theme at LAEMOS 2018 and paper presentation
Penttinen Esko, DSc (Econ.)  1 800 TS HICSS2018, 4.-6.1.2018 and cooperation visit to University of South Carolina
Peikkari Rebecca, DSc (Econ.)  1 200 TS 43rd annual conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA)
Puro Seppo, MSc (Econ.), MBA   1 200 TS 31ST EIBA / EIASM JOHN H. DUNNING, Doctoral Tutorial in international business, Milan, December, 14, 2017
Raitasuo Pinja, MSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria
Riikkinen Rilana, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS European International Business Conference 2017 in Milan
Rinta-Kahila Tapani, MSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS International Conference on information Systems 2017 (participation in both the doctoral consortium and the conference 6.-13.12.)
Ritvala Tiina, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS EIBA 2017 Milan Conference
Riukula Krista, MSc (Econ.)  1 200 TS European Winter Meetings of the Econometric Society (EWMES)
Rusanen Olli, MSc (Tech.)   1 200 TS Oxford Retail Futures Conference: The changing role of place in a digital world / AoM Data and Managing in a Digital Economy
Salminen Mikko, FM   1 750 TS ICAP 2018: 20th International Conference on Applied Psychology, 28.-29.5.2018, Tokyo, Japan
Salmivaara Virva, MSc (Econ.), MSc (Soc. Sc.)   1 200 TS ESU 2017 Conference and Doctoral Program
Seppälä Tomi, PhD   1 200 TS EIBA 2017, International Business in the Information Age, 43rd European International Business Academy Conference
Sievers Henrik, DSc (Econ.)   1 200 TS AOM Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy
Smedlund Anssi, DSc (Tech.)   1 800 TS The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2018 (HICSS 2018)
Soini Veera, MSc (Econ.)   1 140 TS European International Business Academy (EIBA) 2017 Annual Meeting
Tiilikainen Sanna, MSc (Soc. Sc.)   1 800 TS Paper and presentation in ICIS2017 conference, paper in DOTI pre-ICIS2017 workshop
Turkama Petra, DSc (Tech.)   1 800 TS Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Tuunainen Virpi, DSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS ACIS 2017, Hobart, Australia + ICIS 2017, Seoul, Korea
Upreti Bikesh Raj, MSc (Econ. and BA)   1 800 TS International Conference on Information Systems
Vaniala Iiro, MSc (Econ.)   1 800 TS SMS 37th Annual Conference
Virtanen Yuan, PhD   1 800 TS 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management Doctoral Workshop
Xu Peng, Doctoral Candidate  1 800 TS The 48th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) 2017, Washington D.C., USA
Yawar Sadaat, PhD   1 800 TS DSI conference, 2017, 48th Annual meeting of the Decision Science Institute
Zhou Xun, MSc  1 800 TSThe 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting

Other trips

Granqvist Nina, DSc (Econ.)   2 460 TS AOM OMT Executive committee winter meeting (Vancouver) and Central and Eastern Europe paper development workshop (Brasov, Romania)

LANGUAGE REVISION GRANTS, Preliminary grants Autumn 2017

Language revision for doctoral dissertations

Apajalahti Eeva-Lotta, MSc (Econ.)   150 TS Emergence and destabilisation of self-reinforcing processes: Path dependence and path break-out processes in a large energy company
Bekkhus Riitta, FM   396 TS Do KPIs used by CIOs decelerate Digital Business Transformation? - The case of ITIL
Bekkhus Riitta, FM   680 TS Digital Business Transformation Creates Hybrid Organizations with Ambidextrous Roles and Practices
Erkkilä Laura, MSc   1 500 TS In control or out of control - Discourse analysis of an early integration of a cross-border acquisition
Linna Paula, DSc (Econ.)   355 TS Innovating by do with what is at hand: Creating opportunities in low-income markets
Maula Hanna, MSc (Soc. Sc.), FL   1 500 TS Big dreams and bold steps: becoming a startup entrepreneur in Silicon Valley 
Santos Fernando Pinto, MSc  1 500 TS Being different while being similar: entrepreneurial ventures and the pursuit of legitimacy
Snellman Kirsi Maaria Katariina, MSc (Econ.)   1 485 TS The role emotions in new venture creation
Toivanen Jarmo, MSc (Tech.)   321 TS The change is continuous and evident, are you ready? A longitudinal best practices study in Finnish industry

language revision for other scientific research

Outila Virpi, DSc (Econ.)   558 TS Trust but verify, Empowerment talk of Russian middle managers
Penttinen Esko, DSc (Econ.)  598 TS Uncovering the Nature of the Relationship Between Outsourcing Motivations and the Degree of Business Process Outsourcing
Upreti Bikesh, MSc   535 TS Mapping of Cloud Computing Research - Application of Probabilistic Topic model in Systematic Review


Department of Management / Karjalainen Toni-Matti Antero, TaT   2 500 TS Modern Heavy Metal Conference 2018, conference organising costs
Department of Management / Piekkari Rebecca, DSc (Econ.)   6 000 KKK Organisation of international workshop at Aalto University School of Business 26.-27.4.2018, Translating Organizations; a Dialogue between Organization Studies, International Business and Translation Studies 
Vuori Natalia, PhD   1 000 TS Purpose of grant is making a video abstract for an accepted article (the Strategic Management Journal)


Bask Anu, DSc (Econ.) and working group    2 000 TS Service modularity and architecture - an overview and research agenda 
Eskelinen Juha, DSc (Econ.)   2 000 TS Comparison of variable selection techniques for data envelopment analysis in a retail bank
Franck Henrika, DSc (Econ.), Savage Paul, Doctoral student and working group   4 000 TS Fiction and Organization Studies
Huikku Jari, DSc (Econ.), Silvola Hanna and working group   4 000 TS Relative reliability and the recognisable firm: Calculating goodwill impairment value
Kallio Markku, PhD, Dehghan Hardoroudi Nasim, Doctoral Student   2 000 TS Second-order stochastic dominance constrained portfolio optimization: Theory and computational tests 
Kasanen Eero, DSc (Econ.) and working group   4 000 TS Recognition award for publication in FT50 journal JFQA
Kauppi Katri, DSc (Econ.), Bragge Johanna, DSc (Econ.) and working group   4 000 TS Toward evidence-based management of external resources: Deloping design propositions and future research avenues through research synthesis
Kauppi Katri, DSc (Econ.) and working group   2 000 TS Institutional explanations - missing link in operations management? Insights on supplier integration
Kautonen Teemu, DSc (Econ.), Kibler Ewald, DSc (Econ.) and working group   4 000 TS Late-career entrepreneurship, income and quality of life
Kibler Ewald, PhD, Kautonen Teemu, DSc (Econ.) and working group  4 000 TS Starting a Business Can Increase Older Worker's Quality of Life (Even When It Doesn't Pay Well)
Kuosmanen Timo, DSc (Econ.) and working group   2 000 TS Modeling joint production of multiple outputs in StoNED: Directional distance function
Kähäri Perttu, DSc (Econ.), MSc (Tech.), Saittakari Iiris, MSc (Econ.), Piekkari Rebecca, Professor and working group   4 000 TS Explaining mandate loss of regional headquarters: The difference between full and partial loss
Liesiö Juuso, DSc (Tech.) and working group   2 000 TS Modeling project preferences in multiattribute portfolio decision analysis
Luoma Jukka, DSc (Econ.), MSc (Tech.), Tikkanen Tero Henrikki, DSc (Econ.) and working group   4 000 TS Time delays, competitive interdependence, and firm performance
Malmelin Nando, VTT and working group   2 000 TS Rethinking creativity in journalism: Implicit theories of creativity in the Finnish magazine industry
Malo Pekka, DSc (Econ.) and working group   2 000 TS A Review on Bilevel Optimization: From Classical to Evolutionary Approaches and Applications
Moisander Johanna, DSc (Econ.), Eräranta Kirsti, Assistant Professor, Moisander Johanna, DSc (Econ.) and working group   4 000 TS Mechanisms of biopower and neoliberal govermentality in precarious work: Mobilizing the dependant self-employed as independent business owners
Pajala Tommi, MSc (Tech.), Korhonen Pekka, Emeritus Professor, Wallenius Jyrki, Professori, Ravaja Niklas, Head of Research, Malo Pekka, PhD and working group   2 000 TS Context matters: The impact of product type, emotional attachment and information overload on choice quality
Piekkari Rebecca, DSc (Econ.) and working group   2 000 TS How Should We (Not) Judge the 'Quality' of Qualitative Research? A Re-assessment of Current Criteria in International Business
Sarvimäki Matti, DSc (Econ.) and working group   2 000 TS Integrating immigrants: The Impact of Restructuring Active Labor Market Policies
Sarvimäki Matti, DSc (Econ.), Pekkarinen Tuomas, PhD, Terviö Marko, PhD and working group   2 000 TS Secular Rise in Economically Valuable Personality Traits
Sarvimäki Matti, DSc (Econ.) and working group   2 000 TS The Impact of Forced Migration on Mortality: a Cohort Study of 242 075 Finns in 1939-2010
Seppälä Tomi, PhD and working group   2 000 TS Realising a hybrid competitive strategy and achieving superior financial performance while internationalizing in the high-technology market 
Zinovyeva Natalia, PhD in Economics, Bagues Manuel, Associate Professor and working group        4 000 TS Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter?
Önal Bunyamin, PhD and working group   2 000 TS Incentive contracting when boards have related industry

RECOGNITION AWARDS, Preliminary awards 6.6.2017

Bragge Johanna, Senior University Lecturer   4 000 TS Teacher of the Year
Granqvist Nina, Assistant Professor   4 000 TS Researcher of the Year
Järventie-Thesleff Rita, Professor of Practice   4 000 TS Teaching Developer of the Year
Lankinen Krista, Controller   4 000 TS   Service Employee of the Year
Puttonen Vesa, Professor   4 000 TS Societal Influencer of the Year
Rantala Ville, DSc (Econ.)   4 000 TS Best Doctoral Dissertation of the Year 2016, Essays on Peer Effects in Finance
Rintamäki Jukka, DSc (Econ.)   2 000 TS Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation for 2016, Collective memory and corporate irresponsibility - A collection of essays
Seregina Anastasia, DSc (Econ.)   2 000 TS Distinguished Doctoral candidates and for 2016, Performing Fantasy and Reality

The letters of approval with accompanying instructions were sent to the grant recipients and publication award recipients in November 2017


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