Health Talks events: a bridge between the business, university, and other communities

Lunch events with expert discussions on interesting topics, held at 12:00–13:00 on Wednesdays in Otaniemi.
Health Talks @ Aalto

In the Otaniemi-based events of the Health Talks event series, Aalto University brings experts from Aalto, companies, hospitals, universities, and the broader society to discuss timely issues. We invite especially representatives of companies, hospitals, and the broader society as the audience.

The events in Otaniemi are organized by various Aalto units: Aalto Health Platform, Aalto Corporate Relations, Health Powered by A Grid, and Aalto’s Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation. The purpose is to enable meetings and reaching new ideas for work, including potential collaboration, together. 

Present at the lunch are always representatives of Aalto’s health & wellbeing professors and research community, and of Aalto Corporate Relations, and Health Powered by A Grid (the health sector at Aalto’s A Grid startup house). After the talks, everyone can use the opportunity to ask questions and build networks with colleagues and Aalto’s people.

NEXT EVENT: Brain disease modeling with stem cell technology

A presentation luncheon

on Monday, 9 March 2020 at 12:00-13:00


The event brings together audience from healthcare providers and large and small health tech companies with experts from Aalto University and its Health Capital Helsinki and Health Talks partners. We offer short interesting talks, Q&A, lunch and networking & coffee.

Health Talks is a series of health, life sciences, and entrepreneurship events organized jointly by Aalto, Health Capital Helsinki, NewCo Helsinki, Terkko Health Hub, and Upgraded -- Health Startup Association of Finland.

All Health Talks @ Aalto events in Spring 2020

The events are usually at 12:00-13:00 hours on Wednesdays.

A list of all events is to be announced soon.  

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