Management of School of Chemical Engineering


Sustainable chemical engineering for bio- and circular economy

School of Chemical Engineering advances sustainable solutions and breakthroughs for bio- and circular economy by scientific and engineering excellence through multidisciplinary and industrial relevance. We are the forerunner, attractive educator and the first choice for stakeholders in educating future talents with entrepreneurial mind and creative thinking. We renew society by generating new knowledge, educating experts and enhancing innovations.

School of Chemical Engineering pursues to be globally recognized in the selected research focus areas:​

  • Biomass refining and Advanced lignocellulosic materials   ​

  • Chemical engineering and Circular processes ​

  • Chemistry for Renewable energy and Functional materials​

  • Molecular bioscience and Industrial biotechnology​

We create internationally attractive ecosystems and excellence clusters within the research focus areas utilizing our top-level infrastructures. We look for answers for sustainable alternatives for existing products and processes societal impact and industrial relevance being our guideline. We are driven by Aalto Strategy and the UN SDGs to enhance a shift to a low-carbon economy and mitigate climate change. We excel with our strategic partners and actively seek for new openings in national and international collaborations. 

Read about our strategic plans: Our plan: School of Chemical Engineering

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