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Would you like to have a named piece on the Donors’ wall at the School of Business?

Aalto University School of Business' donors are recognised on a Donors' Wall.

All private donors of the School of Business who have made a one-time donation of at least 250 euros are recognised on the school’s Donors’ wall in Otaniemi.

‘Donors have always played an important role as supporters of the School of Business, and they have been recognized, for example, on the Donors’ wall of the former main building in Töölö. When we moved to Otaniemi, besides recognising the donors, we wanted to create a connection, especially for the alumni, to the new main building, with the Donors’ wall,’ says Jonna Söderholm, Head of External Relations at the School of Business.

‘The end result was a work of art that is modern, but at the same time in the spirit of the old Kauppis, whose five bead boards with their movable "pearls" perfectly symbolize the field of business and economics.’

The pieces are engraved with the name of the donor or their loved one, who is to be remembered with the donation. There are already almost 300 pieces on the Donors’ wall and there is room for about 200 more.

‘It's great that so many of the school's donors have wanted to leave a small memory of themselves for future generations in this way,’ says Söderholm.

Text: Helena Salminen 

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