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School of Business 110 years

The Aalto University School of Business marked its 110th anniversary in January. Although the name and address of the school have both changed over the years, its goal has remained the same: to offer high-quality education and solid research data that helps to develop society.
Kauppakorkeakoulun entinen päärakennus logolla.

The Aalto University School of Business is now one of Europe’s leading business schools and one of the most desirable places to study in Finland. ‘There is great demand in society for studies in business and economics,’ says Timo Korkeamäki, Dean of the School of Business. ‘Our goal is to grow significantly in the 2020s so that we can respond to the demand and to society’s need for more people with academic degrees.’

To mark the anniversary year, the School of Business has launched a campaign for donations to help ensure new generations of business students can be educated without compromising on the quality of teaching and research. Launched in January, the campaign is off to a good start and has already raised donations from many donors and alumni.

‘The School of Business has given me so much: education, joy, friends, attitude – and even a wife. A donation is a self-evident way to give something back,’ says Mika Suortti, a donor and a School of Business alumnus in the class of 1984.

Donations are a long tradition at the School of Business. The construction of the former main building on Runeberginkatu was also financed through donated funds. ‘I would like to warmly thank all donors who have supported our school this year and in the past decades,’ says Korkeamäki. ‘It has been great to see how strong and widespread the support of the community is.’

Text: Helena Salminen

Greetings to the 110-year-old School of Business from its alumni and donors

    Opiskelijoita kävelemässä Kauppakorkeakoulun viertä.

    ‘My father studied at the School of Business and he and my mother met at the Student Union’s song evening in the late 1960s. Without the School of Business, I would not exist. My studies and the student life gave me a magnificent grounding for my life, numerous friends (and several godchildren), and lots of memories. Thank you and congratulations to the School of Business!’

    Salla Vainio

    School of Business alumna, class of 1988

    Kauppakorkeakoulun historiahuone Kandidaattikeskuksessa. Kuva: Roope Kiviranta / Aalto-yliopisto

    ‘I have always been proud that I got my education at Finland’s best School of Business. Keep up the good work!’

    Seija Goldstein

    School of Business alumna

    Students in campus

    History is seen by all,
    the history of the future,
    the best ideas and actions,
    this is what we do,
    on this day,

    Marko Parkkinen

    Entrepreneur, thinker, and doer 

    Aalto University School of Business

    ‘I would like to express my gratitude to the School of Business. It has given me an excellent foundation for my working life and opportunities for a great career that keeps moving forward to the top of Finnish commerce and industry. Without the School of Business this would not have been possible. Thank you!’

    Mikko Nieminen

    CEO, School of Business alumnus, class of 1993

    Students outside School of Business / photographer Unto Rautio

    ‘It’s great that the School of Business keeps educating Finnish society from one generation to the next. I hope that I will see my grandchildren in the corridors of the school.’

    Mikael Stelander

    CEO, School of Business alumnus, class of 1990

    Opiskelijoita istumassa Kauppakorkeakoulun pohjakerroksessa

    ‘The School of Business gave me a student community, a place for academic freedom, moments of success, and hope for the future. I got a solid professional foundation that secured me a rising career into the decades that followed.’

    Maarit Seppelin

    Business School graduate, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, School of Business alumna, class of 1982

    Kauppakorkeakoulun päärakennuksen lahjoittajateos Töölössä.

    ‘My warmest greetings and congratulations to Aalto University School of business! I have very warm memories of my time at Runeberginkatu and I will always be grateful for the generosity and support I received from the school and from the Finns. Thanks to that experience, I have not only got to where I am now, but more importantly I have become the person who I am.’

    Sören Seitz

    School of Business alumnus, class of 1999

    Aalto University School of Business

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     Helena Salminen

    Helena Salminen

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