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Aalto is moving boldly towards the future.
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The changing business life requires new type of competence, which should be continuously updated, supplemented and expanded. The multidisciplinary path of lifewide learning at Aalto University extends from individual courses to entire degree programmes. For example, the next step in Aalto University’s education reform in Film and Television is to develop continuous learning in the field through Nordic cooperation

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Aalto Data Hub is a new infrastructure for research data produced in Finland, which gives the research and teaching of different Aalto schools access to up-to-date information and databases. Research data is available on companies, money markets, responsibility and technologies. In the future, the service will also be available outside of Finland.

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Student working on a project in a wood workshop. Photo: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University

By renewing university-level teaching in the wood sector, Aalto will increase the opportunities for high-quality, versatile utilisation of wood material in products with a long life cycle. The objective is also to understand the impacts of wood use on the carbon sinks and biodiversity of forests. Aalto also offers courses to industrial operators.

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Connect to brain research

Health and wellbeing is one of Aalto’s seven key research areas. The key fields are biomedical engineering, neuroscience, biomaterials, digital health, architecture, and the administration and planning of health services. The results of basic research will be used to develop innovations, applications and services for end users.

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Kemiantekniikan opiskelijoita

Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the storage of renewable energy that has a varied production cycle. Hydrogen can also be used as fuel for fuel cells and future engines. Aalto is researching, for example, how hydrogen can be used to create zero-energy buildings, non-polluting cruise ships or products based on recycled materials for future needs.

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Text: Marjukka Puolakka

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