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Kari Kakkonen has a loving relationship with Aalto because he studied industrial engineering and management at the Helsinki University of Technology in the 1990s. Kakkonen is Aalto’s first monthly donor, and he is happy to support the university: studying there helped him get started on his own career.
Kari Kakkonen
Kari Kakkonen. Photo:Ilari Mäkinen

‘A regular donation is the best way for me to support Aalto. As alumni, I feel we have a duty to help new generations learn, and I believe that many people at this stage of their career are in a position to give their support. Even a small donation can make a big difference; it adds up. It’s wonderful that the government’s matching funding campaign makes it possible to achieve more with your contribution,’ says Kakkonen.

He has been pleased to witness the growth of Aalto and its rise in international rankings. ‘Especially research and innovations in sustainable development, which originate from a multidisciplinary university and its students, resonates with me. Aalto’s take on entrepreneurship and the startup scene is also super. It’s great that they recognise alternative career paths and make things happen.’

Dragons out! book inspires children to do software testing

Kakkonen is a software testing consultant, trainer and writer. He is the director of Knowit Oy’s training activity and has been actively promoting software testing in domestic and international organisations for 20 years. In 2021, Kakkonen was nominated the Tester of the Year by Tieturi and TestausOSY in Finland.

Kakkonen has published a book called Dragons out! that teaches children about the world of software testing in a fantasy world with dragons and knights. Schools have been enthusiastic about the book. ‘The book has been published in Finnish and English. Translations into French, Polish and Hungarian are currently under way. I’m planning to write another book and have also thought about making a learning game within the framework of my Dragons Out company.’

Text: Marjukka Puolakka

Regular donations are now possible!

Aalto University and its schools can be supported with regularly occurring monthly donations. Learn more about our donation options and become a regular donor.

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Give for the future

Join us in building a sustainable future! Together we can solve some of the toughest problems of our time.

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