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Neste is creating sustainable chemical technology with Aalto University, Nokia is involved in a quantum technology doctoral programme, and Schneider Electric is introducing the latest software-centric automation technology in teaching.
Students celebrating Aalto Day One.

Neste is Aalto’s long-term strategic business partner. With 750,000 euros donated to Aalto University, Neste is involved in supporting Aalto’s research and education in chemical technology.

‘Neste’s success is based on innovativeness, boldness and long-term systematic R&D. Our cooperation with Aalto supports the strengthening of key sustainable development growth areas central in our strategy such as renewable products, low-carbon solutions and circular economy,’ says Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President in Innovation at Neste. At the same time, expertise in the Finnish chemical industry will be developed in chemical technology, bioeconomy, circular economy and digitalisation.

Chemical technology plays a key role in promoting sustainable solutions, and scientific and technical breakthroughs. Aalto’s scientific top expertise in chemical technology will create future sustainable carbon-neutral, bio-based and circular economy solutions. Collaboration with the industry makes it possible to apply scientific results to products and technologies for the benefit of society.

Quantum technology doctoral school of Nokia and Aalto

The joint quantum technology doctoral programme of Nokia and Aalto was launched in 2021. The first two doctoral students have already been recruited to the programme with the help of Nokia’s 150,000-euro donation. The management of quantum mechanical spaces is expected to be a new technological revolution. This means faster, more accurate sensors and computers, but also completely new applications that are yet unknown to us.

‘With quantum technology, we can discover new ways to respond to the world’s most significant challenges such as climate change and cyber security. It’s exciting that we can expand our successful long-term partnership with Aalto to this important research area,’ says Hannu Kauppinen, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Technologies. Nokia’s donation paves the way for the national doctoral programme in quantum technology.

Schneider Electric invests in automation teaching

Schneider Electric, an expert in energy management and automation, has started collaboration with Aalto to train future experts. Automation systems are becoming increasingly complex, which means that competence requirements will also change.

Schneider Electric has donated the latest software-oriented automation technology to Aalto Factory of the Future students. Aalto has a lot of specialist expertise needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the aim of the Factory of the Future is to convert this expertise to industrial use.

‘Training students to use software-centered automation is an investment in future industrial technologies. The open automation platform isn’t tied to a single closed automation system: It’s a versatile tool that also enables an improved set-up in the labour market,’ says Jani Vahvanen, Managing Director of Schneider Electric Finland Oy.

‘We at Aalto are deeply grateful for the donations made by Neste, Nokia and Schneider Electric. We envision corporate collaboration as an opportunity to learn and introduce researched information and experts more quickly to benefit society, develop competitiveness and bring about a change that solves the challenges of sustainable development,’ says Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University.

Text: Marjukka Puolakka

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Aalto has about 2,500 corporate partners

Our goal is to build significant, long-term strategic partnerships with companies and public operators. The collaborative activities include research, teaching, innovations, employer services and presence at the campus.

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