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‘As a designer, I’m building bridges’

In her design studies, Amanda Hahnsson has kept an open mind for new possibilities. She wants to use design for increasing understanding and empathy in society and between people.
Amanda Hahnsson
Photo: Amanda Hahnsson's archive

‘Aalto has given me fantastic opportunities to really find my own way and tap into my potential. Cross-disciplinary minor subjects and the international community have been super inspiring,’ says Amanda Hahnsson, whose studies at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture are almost complete. 

Hahnsson, who comes from Karjaa and speaks five languages, loves international cooperation. ‘The potential and strength of design is to build bridges between people, ways of thinking and organisations. I want to be a part of creating understanding and empathy, and that way participate in solving world problems.’

In the first year of her Bachelor’s degree, Hahnsson developed products and business ideas together with students of technology and business as a part of her Aaltonaut minor subject courses. ‘And on the School of Business Information Technology Platform courses, we were problem-solving business cases. Our team created a concept that the City of Helsinki applied to develop their OmaStadi platform for participatory budgeting services.’

In the Aalto Summer Design Studios project team, Hahnsson developed a concept that enables Beamex, a calibration technology company, to improve its internal social media platform. The project was successful, and Hahnsson, now a service designer at Beamex, is managing a project aimed at improving employee comfort and wellbeing through employee experience design. With the project, her Master’s thesis on human-centered service design and strategic planning will also be completed by the summer. ‘The work is super exciting and interesting. In a global technology company, I can influence the work experience of so many people.’

Creating amazing things together

For 151 years, the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture has educated top experts in creative fields who design a better world. ‘For a very long time, Finnish design has influenced society at the global level. Aalto University brings together people from different fields and cultures to come up with sustainable, effective solutions. This is how we can create truly amazing things.’

‘Heartfelt thanks to all donors! A donation to Aalto is a good investment in the future’, says Hahnsson.

Text: Marjukka Puolakka


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