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100,000 alumni in more than 80 countries

Aalto University offers alumni diverse opportunities for lifewide learning and networking.
Kuvassa punaiset ja siniset haalarit ja wappurekvisiittaa.

Aalto University offers alumni diverse opportunities for lifewide learning and networking:

  • Over 40 alumni associations organise activities for alumni.
  • The Alumni Network Board integrates the views of the alumni into the university's long-term development, and supports the activities of alumni associations.
  • Alumni agents support students and strengthen local networks around the world.
  • The Career Design Lab helps to shape sustainable career paths as working life undergoes changes.
  • The mentoring programme brings together Aalto alumni and current students so they can learn from one another.
Farah Salah
Farah Salah, Master of Communications Engineering, R&D Manager at Nokia

‘Aalto University provided me with excellent experiences during my studies, and an entry into working life in Finland. Aalto’s reputation is extremely strong in Finland, and I’m sure that it was part of the reason for me getting a summer job at Nokia. I also did my Master’s thesis at Nokia and became a fulltime employee after graduation. I worked as 5G software engineer for 2.5 years and moved to my current position as a line manager last summer.

During my studies I also became familiar with life in Finland and built friendships that are still strong. At Aalto, I got a chance to develop my skills and network, and have lots of fun as well.’

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Give for the future

A donation to Aalto University is an investment in a sustainable future. Together, we can solve society's greatest challenges!

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