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Values, appraisal and appreciation

Hilkka Olkinuora
Hilkka Olkinuora
Hilkka Olkinuora

Hilkka has been trailblazing female leadership, later understood as equal opportunities in management and strategy. She is trusted as an expert in volunteer management. She likes to mention among her acknowledgements are Delta Gamma and Eisenhower Fellowships and Fredrika Runeberg prize.

She prides herself on the fact that her whole large family, are all keen on sailing.

Hilkka Olkinuora is a journalist, minister, senior adviser, and granny.

She hails from Helsinki, Finland.

Hilkka obtained a BA in literature and journalism at Tampere University. She then pioneered in industrial communications in Tampella. Worked as journalist in the main Finnish business media, Talouselämä and Suomen Kuvalehti magazines, specializing in leadership and management, and editor-in-chief for Kauppalehti, the largest business daily in Scandinavia.

She joined forces with renowned author and businessman Paavo Haavikko in strategic leadership consulting for a while getting her degree in theology with honours from the University of Helsinki, including studies in psychiatry. She has worked as a vicar and still works as a minister for the Church of Finland.

She has written a dozen of well-selling books, from economic history to ageing and grief counselling. She has been a well-read columnist in dozens of national media, currently in Hufvudstadsbladet and Kaleva dailies.

She has worked as an advisor and a mentor for various organisations, large and small, public and private, lately most in the health sector with a focus on strategy and value-based leadership.

Filming the Back to Work Sessions series. This photo is capturing speakers Hilkka Olkinuora and Hertta Vuorenmaa through a camera lens while they are sitting and discussing next to each other in green chairs.

Back to Work Sessions: Values, appraisal and appreciation – Hilkka Olkinuora

How do we together build a more socially sustainable Future of Work?

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