Future of Work

Capabilities and practices of multilocational work

Studying and developing the prerequisites and practices of multi-location work in Finnish organisations.
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General information about the project

Our goal is to support Finnish workplaces in developing multi-location work based on research-based information. The project will create an evaluation and development model for multi-location work at workplaces and study good practices to merge the goals of organisations with the needs of personnel. The project will be carried out as a multi-method study with ten Finnish organisations.

Central themes of the project:

  • The direction, leadership, and rules of remote work 
  • Supervision in remote work 
  • Remote collaboration with customers and partners 
  • Culture that supports and strengthens remote work 
  • Utilization of spaces and technology 
  • Enhancing employees' skills and well-being in remote work 
  • Assessment and monitoring of the impacts of remote work

The research project is carried out by Aalto University, Tampere University and Workspace Ltd. and funded by Finnish Work Environment Fund.

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