Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology

About the foundation

Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology is a foundation established by Finnish industry in 1979. Its Board comprises representatives from Aalto University, Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), Technology Industries of Finland (Teknologiateollisuus), Finnish Forest Industries (Metsäteollisuus), Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (Rakennusteollisuus) and The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland (Kemianteollisuus).

The Foundation supports the scientific research and teaching of technical disciplines at the Aalto University schools of technology. In recent years, the Foundation has co-financed over 100 doctoral dissertations, licentiate theses and master’s theses per year with the help of industry-donated funds. This support amounts to approximately one million euros per year.

Research co-financed by the Foundation is advantageous for the grant recipients, because the Foundation grants are tax-free income provided their amount does not exceed that of the State Grant for Artists. This is a way for students to prove their talents without being tied to the employment contract.

In accordance with the Section 57 of the act on income tax (1535/1992), a gift of EUR 850–50.000 made to the Foundation for the purpose of promoting science is tax-deductible for the giving community. Naturally, the Foundation also accepts gifts exceeding the tax-deductible limit.

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