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Mentoring Programme: Experiences

Lean about past experiences from alumni who have participated in mentoring programme.

Mentoring stories

Mentor Ville Karttunen

‘The students I have met will do well in their careers, I’m not at all worried about that’ – Ville Karttunen is a mentor for students at Aalto University

A desire to help others made Ville Karttunen, Head of New Ventures at Caruna, become a mentor for students. Back when he was a young student, he did not have the courage to seek mentoring although he would have benefited from it. Ville Karttunen is currently mentoring a master’s student at Aalto University. They meet about once a month to discuss working life from the younger person’s perspective.

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Jaime De Vizcaya

Jaime De Vizcaya

Jaime De Vizcaya is a Mexican-Finnish industrial designer, lecturer, ecological and sustainable design activist.

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kuva Jamila Awadh

Jamila Awadh: Multiculturalism helps to establish business contacts

Business studies at Aalto complemented Jamila Awadh’s previous studies and experience. Studies led to her current position as Business and Marketing Director at Polar Glucan.

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School of Business Alumni Ambassador Miikka Huhta

Alumni Ambassador's story: Miikka Huhta

“I applied to the Aalto University Mentoring Program, and I’m glad I did, since it benefited me a lot!” says the School of Business Alumni Ambassador Miikka Huhta. He emphasizes that the Mentoring Program is a good chance to get peer support from the other mentees.

Aalto University / man sitting on a motorcycle / Muhammad Ziaur Rehman

Alumnus Muhammad Ziaur Rehman: ‘No matter what you’re dreaming about, Aalto is a great place to start’

Muhammad Ziaur Rehman graduated from the Master’s Programme in Automation and Electrical Engineering.

Atte Heikkilä

School of Business alumni story: Atte Heikkilä

School of Business alumnus Atte Heikkilä, who pursues an international career as a project manager in Sweden, participated in the Aalto mentoring program for the first time as a mentor last year. He recommends the program both to students and alumni: ‘Join the program with an open mind and challenge your own and the mentor's possible presumptions.’


What has been said about the mentoring programme

You get what you give. Even though mentoring takes a bit of time, it gives new viewpoints and fresh knowledge about the world of the young.


"Mentoring opens new angles to view your own job and worldviews."

"It's fantastic to interact with young adults and learn new things about studies, worklife and worldview of today."

Mentoring Programme: Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the mentoring programme. If you can't find the answer, contact [email protected]

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