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Share your experiences, be a local contact point or start a group in your country.
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Do you live abroad and would like to put your international experience in good use? Or you have moved to Finland? Your expertise is invaluable for our students and alumni.

Are you interested in sharing and exchanging experiences with other alumni and students who might think of moving abroad for work or studies? Would you like to be a local contact point or lead an international alumni group in your country? Do you have people in your network you could introduce? As Aalto University's Global Alumni Agent, the possibilities are limitless!

Welcome to our global community!

Interested in becoming a Global Agent?

  1. Register or log into the Aalto Alumni Circle, which is a digital community for all alumni and students;
  2. Update your personal data and select 'Global Agent' in your profile. Summarise your skills and interests and let others know in which matters, and how, to reach out to you;   
  3. Go to the tab named 'Groups' and join the 'Aalto Alumni Global Agents' group. This is an information sharing and discussion group for all Global Agents.
  4. There are already many Aalto alumni groups established for different countries. Check them out, join them, or start your own group! You can find more information how to start a new group from Aalto Alumni Circle 'How to' guides.
  5. Read Aalto Alumni agents kick-off materials (Log in 

Do you already have thoughts or ideas about different ways to engage with alumni in your home country? If so, we would love to hear from you.


Find a Global Agent?

Bangladesh, Dhaka & USA, New York - Dr. Nizam Uddin Anon (LinkedIn)

Canada, Ontario - Petteri Isotupa (LinkedIn)

China, Shanghai - Tianyi Pan (LinkedIn)

France, Paris - Joonas Rokka 

Ireland, Dublin - Karla Nieminen (LinkedIn)

The Netherlands, Amsterdam - Katrin Riisla (LinkedIn)

Norway, Oslo - Hanna Poranen

Spain, Barcelona - Atte Heikkilä (LinkedIn)

USA, Bay Area - Ari Backholm (LinkedIn)

USA, Chicago area - Ari Backman (LinkedIn)


Over 40 agents more you can find at Aalto Alumni Circle (Search for people - more filters: global agents)



In spring 2021 we organised an online panel with several Global Agents. If you are interested to join the next one, please contact us. Read more about the previous one: Working here and there – Global worklife



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