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The alumni network allows you to stay in touch with your fellow classmates and retain your valuable contacts after you have graduated. Join the alumni network or update your contact information on Aalto Alumni Circle.
Aalto Alumni Circle

Based on the Aalto University’s strategy and in collaboration with other university actors, the university’s Alumni Relations promotes interdisciplinary interaction and long-term, fruitful and versatile partnerships between the university and its alumni.

Our goal is to allow Aalto University alumni to become active participants and influencers in the university community.

The members of the alumni network receive up-to-date research information, gain access to multidisciplinary networks and are provided with numerous opportunities for self-development and networking. For example, you can mentor a student, stay in touch with your old classmates through the Alumni Circle and mingle at our many events.

Out of over 100 000 graduates over 40,000 alumni from 80 different countries are already members of the Aalto University alumni network.

Join the alumni network or update your contact data and subscriptions on Aalto Alumni Circle!

Remember to also follow Aalto University Alumni Relations on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Joining the alumni network is free of charge for Aalto alumni (graduates from Aalto University incl. Aalto University Executive Education Programs that are eligible for alumni status. Please see

Also students (Exchange, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral) can join alumni network with a student status. 

If you do not have a degree from Aalto University, you are welcome to join the Friends of Aalto network and update your contact information at [email protected]

More information: [email protected]

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