Zero Gravity - Final exhibition of the ARTS-ENG Project Course

Visit to see students present the results of the ARTS-ENG Project Course in the Undergraduate Centre.
Poster for the Zero Gravity final exhibition.

Creativity has Zero Gravity

In this year's ARTS-ENG Project Course, entitled "Zero Gravity", multidisciplinary teams explored the principles of a kinematic structure and creative options for its actuation. Merging the findings with a possible “function”, the final project output will present a catalogue of possibilities. Absolutely free in scale, the projects' lightness and motion in space will overcome gravity.

Come see the Zero Gravity final exhibition on 28 May 2019, 10.00–14.00, Aalto hall lobby, Otakaari 1.

Students will be present and explaining their findings to visitors.

In addition in front of the Undergraduate Centre there will be a full-scale experimental kinematic structure, which has been built with students.


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